HYDRARank 1796

$17.59   (-0.22%)
0.000443 BTC (+0.52%)
0.007355 ETH (-4.14%)
1h +1.31 %
24h -0.22%
Week +26.78%
Month -39.05%

Back in 2018, the team behind LockTrip has published a document labeled “LockTrip Blockchain Manifest” which has become the fundamental design document of the Hydra Chain. The document was based on actual hurdles that were encountered as part of the development of the LockTrip DaPP.

As a strategy to come up with the best solution, the team has undertaken an evolutionary approach where it built Hydra on top of available open source technology, that has gone through the test of time — a successful strategy used by some of the current biggest blockchains (e.g Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Qtum and many more).

The philosophy behind Hydra is to implement critical economic features while utilizing proven technology for data transmission. Hydra is a permissionless, open-source, proof-of-stake blockchain built on top of open-source projects QTUM, Bitcoin, Ethereum and BlackCoin’s PoV v3, designed by Pavel Vasin. In addition to a number of unique economic features, it stimulates stakers and market participants to contribute to its true decentralized architecture.

Hydra has fixed transaction fees in USD, which are dynamically calculated in Hydra based on market prices. This gives businesses building on-chain predictability and reduces the risk of building a business on the blockchain. It also has a gas royalty feature, which shares 50% of transaction fees with smart contract creators, who build the transactional economy. This allows for a fair incentive structure, making the chain highly attractive for developers.

More info can be found on the Hydra website: https://hydrachain.org/

HYDRA [HYDRA] is a cryptocurrency with its own blockchain. The most actual price for one HYDRA [HYDRA] is $17.59. HYDRA is listed on 2 exchanges with a sum of 2 active markets. The 24h volume of [HYDRA] is $307 861, while the HYDRA market cap is $0 which ranks it as #1796 of all cryptocurrencies. You can find more information about HYDRA [HYDRA] on hydrachain.org

Market Cap Rank 1796
All Time High
$52.30 03 Apr 2021 % to ATH (197.39%)
Circulating Supply
Volume (24h) Rank 700
$307 861 7.76 BTC
Vol / M Cap (24h)
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