SOLVERank 230

$0.478133   (+4.11%)
0.00000777 BTC (+7.32%)
0.000119 ETH (+6.17%)
1h +1.6 %
24h +4.11%
Week +508.49%
Month +534.34%
Year +372.52%

Solve.Care is a healthcare platform company that uses blockchain to redefine care coordination, improves access to care, reduces benefit administration costs, and helps reduce fraud and waste in healthcare around the world.

The Solve.Care platform allows for digital health networks, called Care Networks, to be built and run for patient-centric care based on medical conditions, economic and social needs, and other tailored eligibility criteria, creating an entire healthcare ecosystem. Using the Solve.Care platform, businesses are able to launch networked, interoperable healthcare dApps, within only weeks or even days.

Care Networks on the Solve.Care platform use the SOLVE token, a utility token that is used for inter/intra network payments and transaction fees. It also has additional uses including developer rights, staking, marketplace payments, and platform access fees.

The Solve.Care platform leverages blockchain and full stack capabilities to deliver significant business value to individuals and enterprises. These business values include ease of usage, privacy, security, control and ownership of data, interoperability, auditability, and enhanced trust between parties.

Solve.Care gives healthcare stakeholders a unique opportunity to build their own dApps to form Care Networks, connecting and synchronizing their participants, making instant payments inside their network, and sharing information immediately to reduce opportunities for fraud.

Solve.Care is unique because it not only allows networks to run independently, but to also have a fabric underneath that allows them to all communicate.

All Care Networks are fully and intrinsically tokenized to manage events, identities, transactions, payments and data sharing using the SOLVE token, which is a combination of transaction fee payment token (like Ethereum as gas), as well as a normal payment currency. The SOLVE token also has a unique property of being able to function inside the Network, either as a variable value token or as a fixed value token (as a stable coin). This property makes it uniquely powerful and appropriate for healthcare usage.

SOLVE [SOLVE] is a token based on Ethereum blockchain. The most actual price for one SOLVE [SOLVE] is $0.478133. SOLVE is listed on 6 exchanges with a sum of 11 active markets. The 24h volume of [SOLVE] is $184 217 633, while the SOLVE market cap is $180 408 109 which ranks it as #230 of all cryptocurrencies. You can find more information about SOLVE [SOLVE] on

Market Cap Rank 230
All Time High
$180 408 109 2 933.00 BTC
$0.707932 22 May 2021 % to ATH (48.06%)
Circulating Supply
Volume (24h) Rank 57
377 317 972 Total: 1 000 000 000
$184 217 633 2 995.56 BTC
Vol / M Cap (24h)
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