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StakeCubeCoin SCC

$0.148337   (+9.35%)
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24h +9.35%
Week -20.78%
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StakeCubeCoin is the currency of its own staking pool and exchange! SCC is a fork of the PIVX code base which uses a combination of Masternodes with PoS (Proof of stake). By holding SCC in your wallet on site you can get great bonuses on the StakeCube fees.

Premine: 250 000 SCC

StakeCubeCoin [SCC] is a cryptocurrency with its own blockchain. The most actual price for one StakeCubeCoin [SCC] is $0.148337. StakeCubeCoin is listed on 2 Exchanges with a sum of 5 active markets. The 24h volume of [SCC] is $27 025.47, while the StakeCubeCoin market cap is $194 628 which ranks it as #985 of all cryptocurrencies. You can find more information about StakeCubeCoin [SCC] on stakecube.net

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    • Cryptocurrency (918)
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    Buy StakeCubeCoinThe most liquid on Crex24
    Market Cap Rank 985
    All Time High
    $194 628 19 BTC
    $0.376696 03 Jun 2019 % to ATH (153.95%)
    Circulating Supply
    Volume (24h) Rank 905
    1 312 070 Total: 2 611 070
    $27 025.47 2.73 BTC
    Vol / M Cap (24h)

      StakeCubeCoin details

      Development status On-going development
      Open SourceYes
      Proof Type Proof of Stake
      Algorithm POS 3.0
      Hardware wallet No

      StakeCubeCoin Price Chart Live




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            by @stakecube 4.58k followers

            We already have some games to play in our 'Gameplace' section on https://t.co/Cu7CYhSR6Y. In the future we want to add more minigames to SC and need your opinion! Which of the following would you like to play? Please mention further games in the comments. Happy gaming!

            We're always happy to share some numbers and graphs with you and especially if they look like that! A lot of new users join https://t.co/UT2R0hdRp3 every day and we are really happy to have you all with us on our journey to the top! Happy staking & trading everyone! https://t.co/mBeZ3iJS3C

            Q: What is the 'Weekly FAQ' ? A: In the weekly FAQ we answer the most common question we get from our users during the week. This should save you some time asking yourself and show you some easy tricks and suggestions for a quick solution. https://t.co/EMxyFAcYkh

            Today we announced the winners of our #birthdaypromo and are happy to share with you the contribution from @itsbianky . Thank you very much and enjoy your $SCC masternode! Check out the other winners and all contributions on our discord. Happy staking & trading! 🎂 https://t.co/JZeJtn4xJI

            We value our community and want to get better every day! In order to do that we would like to know what your favorite service on https://t.co/UT2R0hdRp3 is right now!

            We decided to give #stakecube a new look and want to welcome you to your one-stop crypto ecosystem! We decided to change it to distinguish the platform better from our stakecube coin $SCC which will keep the well known cube stack. Happy staking & trading! https://t.co/zgqBAOvom0

            We are trying to get $SCC listed on birake exchange. Please help us to get listed by liking, sharing and retweeting this post! Every retweet brings 10 votes so don't be shy. Other ways to vote are through https://t.co/eOlfZBRHUv Thank you and happy staking & trading! https://t.co/VMhm41J2sb

            Each day new $SCC masternodes join our network. More than 50% of all coins are locked already. We are really happy to see all charts going in the right direction and want to thank everyone for the support and for believing in us! Happy staking & trading! https://t.co/V4VliPm8FC

            Our alexa rank definitely shows the progress we made those last months. A big thank you here to all our loyal users and especially the team that made this possible! Check out all the progresa at https://t.co/UT2R0hdRp3 and help us move to a five digit rank. https://t.co/ZJEhlKDnF7

            Short update: - new channel #shared -mn available that shows free slots - many more new shared nodes will be opened - base interest rate increases to 0.02%/day - refund being paid today -"Birthday promo" starts and runs until 07.07.2019 More details on our discord channel!

            We're happy to show you our new landing page on https://t.co/UT2R0gWg0t! We have a lot in the works regarding marketing, UI optimization, usability and much much more. Just buckle up and enjoy the ride. Happy staking & trading!

            Anybody interested in a regular #stakecube meetup, first location in Germany 🇩🇪? Topics would be SC development, previews and #cryptocurrency in general. Let us also know what topics you're interested in. Happy staking, trading and gaming in the meanwhile!

            To everybody who hasn't tried our new Gameplace yet, now is the time! Every user is getting a free try so come and check it out! So far we have Snake and Flappybird available but there's much more to come.. Stay tuned!

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          • Exchanges (2) / Markets

            StakeCubeCoin Exchanges

            #SourceVolume (24h) FIATs
            1Crex24100.00% USD, EUR, JPY, RUB, CNY
            2Altilly0% -

            StakeCubeCoin Markets

            By Volume
            #ExchangePairVolume (24h)PriceVolume (%)CategoryFee TypeUpdated
            1Crex24SCC/BTC $27 379.26 $0.148907 100.00%SpotPercentageless than a minute ago
            2AltillySCC/BTC $0 $0.149703 0%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
            3AltillySCC/DOGE $0 $0.080332 0%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
            4AltillySCC/ETH $0 $0.235907 0%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
            5AltillySCC/XQR $0 $0.039246 0%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
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            *** Volume Excluded - no fresh data from exchange API
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          • StakeCubeCoin Code progress

            GitHub Contributors:2
            GitHub Stars:0
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            Code frequency:Link
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            Market depth is a metric, which is showing the real liquidity of the markets. Due to rampant wash-trading and fake activity - volume currently isn't the most reliable indicator in the crypto space.

            What is it measuring?

            It's measuring 1% or 10% section of the order book from the midpoint price (1%/10% of the buy orders, and 1%/10% of the sell orders).

            Why it is important to use only 1% or 10%?

            It's important, because measurement of the whole order book is going to give false results due to extreme values, which can make false illusion of liquidity for a given market.

            What is showing Historical Market Depth?

            Historical Market Depth is showing the history of liquidity from the markets for a given asset. It’s a measure of combined liquidity from all integrated markets on the coinpaprika’s market depth module.