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NewsChain (propagation chain) is a blockchain-based traffic dissemination ecosystem. Its goal is to establish a network that uses blockchain technology to use decentralized consensus methods to contribute to pricing and equity returns for content production. Producers, content investors and content consumers all have reasonable incentives and rewards. Advertisers can also achieve accurate marketing on the platform.

The original design of NewsChain (propaganda chain) is to construct a set of reasonable content flow advertising value evaluation and income distribution mechanism, and build a value network based on user content evaluation. Regardless of text, video, picture, audio, or even live broadcast content-based content platforms (including, not limited to websites, Apps, and other forms of expression), it is possible to use the propagation chain to construct a content incentive platform corresponding to the theme. Between the platforms, the content is evaluated using a unified content evaluation algorithm, the flow value is evaluated using an effective traffic algorithm, the advertisement is provided by an accurate marketing algorithm, the content is produced, the content investor, the content communicator, and the platform Constructors, advertisers, etc. will all rely on the ecology of the dissemination chain to obtain appropriate and reasonable returns based on content, traffic value, and precision marketing.

Therefore, NewsChain (propagation chain) combines social networks, artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchains seamlessly. It will surely enable content-based eco-blockchains based on social networks to create content producers and content consumers. Content communicators and advertising investors share the economic ecology of mutual benefit

NewsToken [NEWOS] 是一 代币基于 Ethereum 区块链. 最准确的价格 NewsToken [NEWOS] is ¥0.000318. NewsToken 展示在2个交易所,共有2个活跃市场。 24H交易量 [NEWOS] 是 ¥82.63, 同时 NewsToken 市值为 ¥0 让它排名#0 所有加密货币 您可以查看更多关于NewsToken [NEWOS]的信息,就在

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