1. What is coinpaprika?

    Coinpaprika is a powerful tool, designed for every cryptocurrency user. Thanks to our service, you can easily analyze the current market situation and learn more about interesting projects. Our platform allows you to view such things as the technical aspects of a given cryptocurrency, developer teams - people responsible for a given coin, historical prices, charts, as well as GitHub progress.

  2. Can I buy crypto via coinpaprika?

    No, you can't. Coinpaprika is not an exchange or a place where transactions are concluded, our goal is to inform about the market situation, not to propose an investment or to allow it to be concluded.

  3. How do you stand out from other coin listing websites?

    First of all, we do not display ads in any form on our site or request any kind of payment for services. As a coinpaprika, we try to be always objective and do not suggest investments in any project. Thanks to the extensive development facilities, we are able to always provide accurate data directly from the cryptocurrency markets. Another feature that distinguishes our platform is speed, we respond to requests for the addition of a new cryptocurrency or stock market several times faster than the competition.

  4. What is Market Cap, how do you calculate it?

    Market Cap, or Market Capitalization, is a metric often used in the context of cryptocurrencies, it tells us what is the "cumulative value" of a cryptocurrency at any given time. We calculate it on the basis of the formula:

    [The amount of a given cryptocurrency in circulation] x [the price of the cryptocurrency].

    This value allows us to determine the rank of a given coin compared to other projects because it takes into account the current demand and supply. However, You should not be suggested only by this metric, because in some cases it may turn out to be unreliable, so it is worth looking at other values such as 24 hours volume, Code Progress, or community involvement around a project.

  5. Where is your data from?

    Coinpaprika collects and calculates prices completely independently from the competitors. Our system collects data directly from markets where cryptocurrencies are traded. Data about FIAT conversions are taken from openexchangerates.org. We are currently serving over 300 Cryptocurrency Exchanges, where we collect data from over 25 000 cryptocurrency pairs.

  6. Why is the price of a given cryptocurrency different from that on Coinmarketcap?

    Coinpaprika collects data regardless of its competitors (Check #5) Differences in prices do not result from an error, but from the way, platforms collect data from the markets. The average price is calculated by taking into account the price on every supported exchange, and including the turnover on each pair. Detailed information on which markets are taken into account when calculating the price can be found in the Exchanges / Markets tab on the subpage of each cryptocurrency. The fully described methodology has been written down here. We have also prepared a document that informs our users about the differences in the presented price between us and our competitors - https://coinpaprika.com/metrics

  7. What is Circulating Supply, Total Supply, and Max Supply?
    • Circulating Supply -The amount of a cryptocurrency that has been produced and is available on the market.
    • Total Supply - The amount of cryptocurrency that has been generated so far.
    • Max Supply - The maximum amount of a cryptocurrency that will ever be generated.
  8. Is coinpaprika free?

    Yes, it is and is going to remain like this. We believe that "Information wants to be free" and everyone should have unlimited, free access to information about the current state of the market. If someone tries or has tried impersonating our staff in order to extort money from you, please contact us at contact@coinpaprika.com or via form: https://coinpaprika.com/contact/

  9. What is your policy regarding ads?

    We have multiple banners on the home page and other subpages connected to ad networks. If you wish to buy this ad, you can contact us directly through our dedicated email address: ads@coinpaprika.com. Our team will reply within 24h.

  10. How many coins can I find on coinpaprika?

    Our website is constantly adding new cryptocurrencies to its base, at this moment we are showing accurate information about over 2000 cryptocurrencies. You can always fill out our form if you want this base to be extended: https://coinpaprika.com/add/

  11. Is it free to submit and add a new cryptocurrency to your website?

    Yes, in coinpaprika we believe that access to information about interesting projects should be free. We will never ask for commissions to add cryptocurrency or speed up this process. If you have encountered a situation where someone tried to impersonate our staff to extort money, please report it to contact@coinpaprika.com or via the contact form: https://coinpaprika.com/contact/

  12. Token / Coin what is the difference?
    • Coin - this is a cryptocurrency that has its own blockchain and works independently from other cryptocurrencies. Examples of Coins: Bitcoin, Stellar, Litecoin
    • Token - it is a cryptocurrency, which based its activities on the blockchain of other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum Blockchain or EOS Blockchain. Examples of Tokens: Binance Coin, OmiseGo, 0x
  13. Why is the "Org. Structure" marked as centralized if the cryptocurrency is decentralized? What does this metric mean?

    The organization's structure means the form in which a given cryptocurrency is developed, who is mainly responsible for its development. If the organization of a company structure is behind the advancement of a given cryptocurrency, then we mean "Org. Structure" As Centralized. If the organization is responsible for the development of cryptocurrency, but a very large contribution to technical development belongs to external users, then we designate such a structure as Semi-centralized. As Decentralized, we designate projects that developers are not connected to in any formal way.

  14. Is coinpaprika a finite project? What are the plans for development?

    Although coinpaprika recently left the Beta phase, and it is ready for everyone in the crypto space, we are still improving the experience for every crypto user by adding new features or improving the existing ones. Our mission is to provide unique values in the form of data not available anywhere, delivered directly on your screen. Our Backlog is filled to the brim with ideas and plans for the development, if you have an interesting idea how to improve the coinpaprika, describe it and send it to ideas@coinpaprika.com or via the contact form: https://coinpaprika.com/contact/

  15. "Why is this coin on your site? It's a Scam!"

    The goal of coinpaprika is to inform about all available cryptocurrencies, not to evaluate them. The condition for being listed on the platform is to provide transparent data in block explorers. If the cryptocurrency meets all the requirements, that are detailed during the submission process, it is going to be listed on our platform. However, if there is important information about which we believe users should know, we put appropriate warnings and mandatory links to pages from which the information has been released.

  16. Why don’t you add my coin/token?

    Although we want the largest possible number of currencies to be available in our database, this is not entirely possible. There are few factors that we take into consideration before adding cryptocurrency, for example, the correctness and transparency of the provided data, the size of the community, the availability of purchase (including the fact that the exchange on which you can buy that cryptocurrency is already listed) and the activity of the development team. The final decision to add or reject a form is taken by taking into account all the above-mentioned factors. We reserve the right to refuse the application for the addition of a given cryptocurrency if there are clear indications.

If you have any other question, feedback or thoughts feel free to contact us via our Contact form.