Zenswap Network Token

Zenswap Network Token ZNT

0,000013 ₺   (+4.4%)
0.00000000 BTC (+3.2%)
0.00000000 ETH (-0.16%)
1 saat-
24 saat +4.4%
Hafta -24.89%
Ay -5.71%
Yıldızlar +2.48%

Zenswap Network offers a new and practical cryptosphere for cryptocurrency and token swap, integrated with user-friendly value-added services to deliver the best crypto experience.

The main priority of this project is to develop a decentralized liquidity solution with Zenswap Network to build one of the connecting bridge for mass adoption. It won’t just stop there, as Zenswap Network and its mission to help the users traverse into different blockchain platform and decentralized applications will include value-added services within its cryptosphere. It will help them with their overall smart crypto experience in blockchain based or decentralized applications.

Zenswap Network, an on-chain decentralized exchange, for cryptocurrencies or digital assets (e.g. tokens on smart contract blockchains). Zenswap Network will be simple, practical and decentralized liquidity solution for cryptocurrencies and digital assets with a seamless swap transaction in a secured and immutable blockchain platforms like Ethereum. The project will initially focus on the development of the platform for swapping Ethereum-based tokens.

Zenswap Network, particularly the swapping smart contract and systems might be complex and complicated but it all goes down to this simple logic that makes the swap seamless and automated.

Zenswap Network Token [ZNT] is a token based on Ethereum blockchain. The most actual price for one Zenswap Network Token [ZNT] is 0,000013 ₺. Zenswap Network Token is listed on 2 exchanges with a sum of 3 active markets. The 24h volume of [ZNT] is 9 757,27 ₺, while the Zenswap Network Token market cap is 158 347 ₺ which ranks it as #1010 of all cryptocurrencies. You can find more information about Zenswap Network Token [ZNT] on

Piyasa değeri Rank 1010
Bütün takım yüksek
158 347 ₺ 1.000000 BTC
0,001003 ₺ 09 Jul 2019 % to ATH (7 504.22%)
dolaşım malzemeleri
hacim (24 saat) Rank 1347
12 001 366 640 (60.00%) Total: 20 000 000 000maximum: 20 000 000 000
9 757,27 ₺ 0,094939 BTC
hacim /M cap (24 saat)
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