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459,12 ₺ 23 Mar 22 % to ATH (3.84%)
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no data Toplam:41 109 241 861 maximum: 72 557 611 746

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About AXIA Coin

AXIA is the organization building a digital ecosystem around AXIA Coin, the first ever hyper-deflationary asset-supported digital currency with global usability. The economic design is unique in the industry as the total supply is constantly reducing as a result of any form of participation, staking and other activities across its vast ecosystem while the AXIA Treasury that offers support for the network and holders of AXIA Coin can be increasing simultaneously.

Currently, the AXIA Ecosystem consists of AXIA Capital Bank (financial services), AXclusive (NFT Marketplace), AXIA Tel (Telecom company), AXplorer (browser), AXmail (encrypted email), AXchat (messenger), AXconnect (social media), AXemble (video conferencing), and AXdepot (file storage), among other platforms.

AXIA Coin [AXC] idir üzerine jeton Ethereum blokzincir. Biri için en gerçek fiyat AXIA Coin [AXC] is 0 ₺. AXIA Coin 0 borsada 0 aktif işlem çifti ile listelenmiş. 24sa hacim [AXC] dir 0 ₺, bu arada AXIA Coin market değeri 0 ₺ hangi sırada 'no rank' bütün kripto paraların AXIA Coin [AXC] hakkında daha fazla bilgi bulabilirsiniz axia.global

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AXIA Coin Basics

Beyaz kağıtAXIA Coin WhitepaperA
Geliştirme statüsü Working product
Konsensus Mekanizması Not mineable
algoritma None
Donanım Cüzdanı Yes
WalletCoins Mobile App
Asset typeToken
Contract Address
Explorers (1)
  • Ethereum (ETH) Token (ERC-20) (10942)

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