BlackRock Challenges SEC's Treatment of Spot-Crypto ETF

BlackRock Challenges SEC's Treatment of Spot-Crypto ETF

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By Miles

11 Nov 2023

1 min read


BlackRock pushes SEC for fair ETF play, as analysts see spot-crypto ETF nod nearing.

BlackRock challenges SEC, saying there's no reason to treat spot-crypto ETFs differently from crypto-futures ETFs.

BlackRock's Ethereum ETF application was confirmed, questioning the SEC's refusal of spot crypto ETFs, while futures ETFs are accepted.

The SEC has not approved any spot-crypto ETFs, favoring futures ETFs due to perceived stronger regulations and protection.

BlackRock argues that the SEC's preference for certain acts is irrelevant in the Ethereum-based ETFs, as both futures and spot ETFs rely on the same underlying market.

BlackRock insists that since the SEC trusts CME's market surveillance, it should have no grounds to deny the Ethereum spot ETF application.

Analysts expect the SEC might approve a spot crypto ETF soon, with Bloomberg experts giving it a 90% chance before January 10 next year.

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