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Ajibola Abdul Muheen (Miles)

Coinpaprika News Copywrighter
Miles photo

Who is behind Coinpaprika News?

Ajibola Abdul Muheen, commonly known as Miles, is a contributor to the European cryptocurrency sector. He holds a key position in Coinpaprika, a comprehensive cryptocurrency research platform, where he works as a part of the Marketing and Copwyrighting Team. Miles is a core contributor to Coinpaprika News section.

Miles’ previous expertise

Before his service at Coinpaprika, Miles extended his expertise to various emerging NFT projects in a freelance capacity. Working as a content writer, graphics designer, and marketer during the early stages of these projects, he made significant contributions to their current success.
Currently Miles is in the final year of Marketing at the University of Ilorin in Nigeria, balancing his academic pursuits with professional commitments.

Outside of work at coinpaprika

Away from his professional obligations, Miles fuels his creativity through graphic designing - a passion that seamlessly integrates with his career. He is also an avid traveler and writer, exploring new landscapes and ideas whenever opportunity permits. His commitment to fostering growth and innovation reflects not only in his work but also on the organizations and the cryptocurrency industry.