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Enceladus Core – service for the automated creation of full-fledged servers, which have the functions of videoconferences, presentations, online training.The servers are created for a certain period of time, they are customized for the customer's requirements, some functions can be added/ disabled at the request of the customer.

Enceladus Blogspot – blog service.Companies with permanent subscription servers gain access to their own system of blogs, which allows you to quickly and easily inform your customers / employees about new products. This system can be fully open or closed at the customer's request.

Enceladus Codes (ECodes) – experimental service for CryptoProject that has permanent servers with a subscription. This service allows you to create internal cryptocurrency wallets and generate short codes for instant transaction of funds.

Enceladus Exchange – service for fast and convenient trade in crypto-currencies of those projects that have a permanent server with a subscription.

Enceladus Service Desk – technical support service for all system modules.

Enceladus Coin (ENCP) – own cryptocurrency. Used to pay for all paid features of the system, in parallel with the traditional system of payment.

Premine: 600.000 ENCP

Source code: github.com
Social (followers): Twitter (26)
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Market Cap Rank 2241
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$6 376.57 13 Nov 2018 % to ATH (21 666 889 249.44%)
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