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Bankcoin [B@] is a token based on Waves blockchain. The most actual price for one Bankcoin [B@] is $0.004269. Bankcoin is listed on 2 Exchanges with a sum of 3 active markets. The 24h volume of [B@] is $268.55, while the Bankcoin market cap is $43 930.00 which ranks it as #1561 of all cryptocurrencies. You can find more information about Bankcoin [B@] on bankcoin.global

  • Waves Token (27)
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    • Waves Token (27)
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    Market Cap Rank 1561
    All Time High
    $43 930.00 4.00 BTC
    $5.39 03 Jun 2017 % to ATH (126 272.31%)
    Circulating Supply
    Volume (24h) Rank 1664
    10 291 781 Total: 25 000 000
    $268.55 0.025795 BTC
    Vol / M Cap (24h)

      Bankcoin details

      Started 08 October 2016
      over 2 years ago
      WhitepaperWhitepaper thumbnailDownload
      Org. Structure Centralized
      Open SourceYes
      Proof Type Not mineable
      Algorithm None
      Platform WavesWaves
      Hardware wallet No

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      Bankcoin Team

      Karina Avilés Co-Founder - - - - -
      Juan Carlos del Castillo Co-Founder - - - - -
      Kalep Blanco Co-Founder - - - - -
      Andrea Vara CEO - - - - -
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            by @Bankcoin_global 1.14k followers

            #RecomendaciónCultural https://t.co/RXmjwcxqsK Fábrica de Billetes del Banco de México. Banxico tiene un programa de visitas guiadas a la Fábrica de Billetes, donde podrás ver desde la selección del papel hasta el empaquetado final para su envío a las sucursales bancarias.

            https://t.co/Uih7TKkJhA En opinión de Benjamín Hill, Politólogo con Maestría en Administración Pública, por la Escuela de Gobierno de Harvard y columnista de El Financiero

            2/2 His enormous success and fortune earned him the nickname of "The Wolf of Wall Street". Jordan and his pack of wolves considered that discretion was an antiquated quality; They never settled for what they had. Source: https://t.co/TZb0LjCfhQhttps://t.co/qHYIojLLWN

            1/2 Cultural Recommendation: The Wolf of Wall Street Based on the New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort. In the mid-80s, Belfort was an honest young man who pursued the American dream, but soon he learned that the most important thing was to be ambitious and earn good commissions. https://t.co/fKTABBsNHr

            2/2 Su enorme éxito y fortuna le valió el título de “El lobo de Wall Street”. Dinero. Poder. Mujeres. Drogas. Las tentaciones abundaban y el temor a la ley era irrelevante. Nunca se conformaban con lo que tenían. Fuente: https://t.co/TZb0LjCfhQhttps://t.co/JkDftCpEnE

            1/2 Recomendación Cultural: El Lobo de Wall Street Basada en hechos reales del corredor de bolsa Jordan Belfort. A mediados de los años 80, era un joven que perseguía el sueño americano, pero pronto aprendió que lo más importante era ser ambicioso y ganar una buena comisión. https://t.co/1cA9HxI4ed

            #CulturalRecommendation The Big Short This film was converted into a critique of the financial system of the US. Four financiers predict that the economic system will burst based on the problem created by the mortgage sector. Argument based on the book written by Michael Lewis. https://t.co/ogjCD79GRu

            #RecomendaciónCultural La Gran Apuesta Esta película es una crítica al sistema financiero de Estados Unidos. Cuatro financieros predicen que el sistema económico va a reventar, basado en problemas del sector hipotecario. Este argumento es basado en un libro de Michael Lewis. https://t.co/LnptIlP00j

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          • Exchanges (2) / Markets

            Bankcoin Exchanges

            #SourceVolume (24h) FIATs
            1Waves Decentralized Exchange100.00% USD, EUR, TRY
            2Tidex0% -

            Bankcoin Markets

            By Volume
            #ExchangePairVolume (24h)PriceVolume (%)CategoryFee TypeUpdated
            1Waves Decentralized ExchangeB@/WAVES $268.69 $0.004271 100.00%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
            2TidexB@/BTC $0 $0.293358 0%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
            3TidexB@/WAVES $0 $0.040517 0%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
            No items matched that search criteria
            * Price / Volume Excluded - Outlier detected
            ** Volume Excluded - markets with no fees and transaction mining
            *** Volume Excluded - no fresh data from exchange API
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            Market depth is a metric, which is showing the real liquidity of the markets. Due to rampant wash-trading and fake activity - volume currently isn't the most reliable indicator in the crypto space.

            What is it measuring?

            It's measuring 1% or 10% section of the order book from the midpoint price (1%/10% of the buy orders, and 1%/10% of the sell orders).

            Why it is important to use only 1% or 10%?

            It's important, because measurement of the whole order book is going to give false results due to extreme values, which can make false illusion of liquidity for a given market.

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            Historical Market Depth is showing the history of liquidity from the markets for a given asset. It’s a measure of combined liquidity from all integrated markets on the coinpaprika’s market depth module.