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Core DAO
COREDAO Ranking 10437 Ranking 10437

0,022962 zł (+14.22%)
0,022962 zł (+14.22%)
0.00000169 ETH (+14.16%)
0.00000009 BTC (+13.15%)
0,019954 zł 24h Range 0,025443 zł

Core DAO (COREDAO) Metrics

Kapitalizacja rynku
no data
All Time High
8 442 119 zł 19 May 23 % to ATH (36 751 980 861.84%)
Wolumen (24h) Ranking 10292
2,07 zł 0,000008 BTC
Dostępne zasoby
no data Max: 21 000

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About Core DAO

Core DAO (COREDAO) [BSC] is a BEP20 fixed supply token designed to store value in the crypto marketplace. Core Dao is a decentralized financial payments network that rebuilds the traditional payments stack into the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain.

It utilizes a basket of fiduciary-indexed stablecoins, algorithmically stabilized by its COREDAO reserve currency, to facilitate programmable payments and open financial infrastructure development. The COREDAO was designed to be the simplest Token possible, with no token buying or selling fees and with a steady circulating supply (not counting token burning itself) after the initial sale ends. Unlike just a normal index token / stable currency rebase, price elastic tokens on synthetic commodities with fluctuating values ​​and gradually stabilized supplies, a decentralized version of conventional financial opportunities.

Core DAO [COREDAO] jest token bazuje na Ethereum, Binance Coin, Polygon, Arbitrum blockchain. Najbardziej aktualna cena dla Core DAO [COREDAO] is 0,022962 zł. Core DAO jest notowany na 2 giełdach z sumą aktywnych rynków 13. Wolumen z 24h [COREDAO] jest 2,07 zł, podczas gdy Core DAO kapitalizacja jest 0 zł co klasyfikuje to jako #10437 z wszystkich kryptowalut. Możesz znaleźć więcej informacji na temat Core DAO [COREDAO] na btcbr.info


# Giełda Para Wolumen (24h) Cena Wolumen (%) Kategoria Rodzaj opłaty Zaktualizowane
1 $0.244284$0.00579346.530000%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
2 $0.113527$0.00587621.620000%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
3 $0.059885$0.00583011.410000%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
4 $0.038644$0.0059907.360000%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
5 $0.032468$0.0058886.180000%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
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Core DAO Basics

Status rozwoju Working product
Konsensus sieci Not mineable
Algorytm None
Portfel sprzętowy Yes
Rozpoczęcie 2 March 2023
about 1 year ago
Adres strony
WalletCoins Mobile App
Asset typeToken
Contract Address
Explorers (4)
  • Binance Coin (BNB) Token (BEP-20) (12581)
  • Ethereum (ETH) Token (ERC-20) (10942)
  • Polygon (MATIC) Token (1275)
  • Arbitrum Ecosystem (628)

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