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Ron Bernstein

General information

Ron Bernstein


Ron has traded options on commodity futures in more than 20 markets for over 25 years on the old-school trading floors in New York and London. Fascinated with the convergence of the internet, peer-to-peer trading, sports betting and prediction markets, he founded Intrade in 2000, and Tradesports in 2003. Intrade went on become the world’s leading prediction marketplace until the platform's closure in 2015.
Ron is currently an active CEO at his newest venture (founded in 2016) Augment Partners, a technology company working to build sound financial business models in the growing world of decentralized trading. The development of digital currencies, blockchains and decentralized software systems continues to fuel his interest in trading, prediction markets, and token economies, and how they may be applied in the real world to benefit everyday life.

Projects involved

Project nameMarketCap RankMarketCapPositionProject tags
AugurAugurREP#195241 289 982 USDAdvisor