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Rajeev G.Mavinkurve

General information

Rajeev G.Mavinkurve


Worked at various locations (Bangalore, Mumbai, London, Singapore, Seoul etc)

Worked in various roles as employee, internal consultant, external consultant.

Worked on various banking products like Microbanker, IBBS, Flexcube, Trestel, PRISM, Excellor, etc.

Handled various projects in both corporate and consumer banking domains.

Relationship Manager, Nucleus Software

Project Management for Application Management Outsourcing deal.

Developed STEPS (Straight Through Easy Project Services) methodology and tool based on ASP model for cross-organisational Project and Implementation Management.

Regional Flexcube Environment and Schedule Manager Asia Pacific for a leading Global Bank.

Developed various tools and models using Excel for analysis.

Specialties: Outsourcing, Technology projects, Project Management, Banking and Financial Industry Domain expertise, Managed Services, COE, FX, Capital Markets, Collaboration

Projects involved

Project nameMarketCap RankMarketCapPositionProject tags
PillarPillarPLR#7488 363 974 USDConsultant