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Jude Ben

General information

Jude Ben
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Futurist technology founder ,I love open Source Software Development, currently finding passion in artificial Intelligence and Deep learning.

Self-taught in entrepreneurship, Deep learning, Deep Learning Foundation Nanodegree@ Udacity ,Android Nano degree Graduate@Udacity
I love entrepreneurship because of the daily challenges and opportunity to network with exciting and interesting people. I strive to learn something new every day and enjoy sharing new skills with my friends. My friends says ,I have a natural ability to explain complex technical information in a simplified manner .

Most recently, I've co-founded NamMi in between finishing my Computer Science degree at University. My greatest talents lie in Android development. I am an enthusiast and evangelist for deep learning in Africa.

Projects involved

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PillarPillarPLR#7079 194 737 USDSoftware Developer