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End goal
56 575 000
Start date
16 Dec 2021
End date
31 Mar 2022

Space travel is made easy. Beam yourself into space for 2 cups of coffee and it’s not a joke. Don’t say “When moon”, when you can choose the whole Universe.

We present to you our platform which allows interstellar travel and is meant for space lovers who are looking for entertainment. The principle is simple – upload your media and our platform will send it to space for an eternal journey. And that is not all, our platform allows you to communicate with like-minded people, share your pictures, videos and findings. All you need is to connect to our platform via browser or mobile app.

How it works
Using our WarpBeam platform you are able to upload Data in any type of format which is then “beamed” to outer space. The process is simple, just select where you would like to your media to be stored, upload it to our platform and press BEAM!
To delve deeper into the “backend” of how this project, you should have a degree in physics. All media received from the users of WarpBeam is sent out using transmitters from a secret location. If you have a satellite antenna you are able to see your media being “beamed” to space, you can think of it as a TV channel.
Once your media is “uploaded” to space, you can view it in a space map. This also gives you the option to have additional space exploration monitoring possibilities. You can find what your friends have “uploaded” to space, comment on it in our platform and discuss about future projects!

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Project details

Started 16 December 2021
6 months ago
Active fromDecember 2021
Role of tokenPayment
Token typeUtility
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens365000000
Available for Token Sale226300000
ICO Token Price0.25 USD
Soft cap5,000,000


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Question for community: If you had an NFT with loaded premium services. Would you buy a wbm and pay for it. Or get an nft with already loaded services?. Also keep in mind that original NFT is your passport to SmartTV personal profile.

5h left until revealing addon to our platform revealing #web3 , #nft for #SmartTV . So proud 🛰🥳🥰🚀. 1qr code to login to profile. #wbm #CryptoToSpace

And we ate going live in 5min. Join us for more fun at #ACA


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