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8 300 000
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Start date
08 Feb 2021
End date
11 Feb 2021

VAIOT offers a portfolio of blockchain-based AI Assistants for businesses and consumers to provide automated services and transactions. Easier, cheaper and faster.


Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo
Additional LinksSHO on DAO Maker


Total tokens400000000
Available for Token Sale32%
ICO Token Price1 VAI = 0.12 USD


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#Testnet campaign statistics: Since the launch of #VAIOT Testnet campaign we’ve received: 🔹118 #development suggestions, 28 competing for being the best of the week 🔹113 bug reports 🔹147 twitter-related activities Thanks for your effort. You’re doing an excellent job👏 https://t.co/oxeA2RsvO6


[TESTNET] The title for the best #development suggestion of the week (10 p.) goes to VAV9519!👏 “A tutorial for the #Testnet platform available at first login with a guide through the main features.” Team’s comment: Such guide is to be added at a further stage of development ✨

👉 In the current sprint our dev team is working on enabling card payments for contracts generated via the #EasyContracts app. Card payments will enable non-crypto users to create agreements without a #crypto wallet. Paying by card will earn you #Payback in VAI as well. 🔥

Hello #VAIOT Community! For all insights into the VAIOT #EasyContracts development progress, have a look at the #Tech Update on our Medium 👨‍💻 👉 https://t.co/yyDME2Tynf

👋Hi VAIOTeers! As part of the current dev sprint, we work on #VAI #Payback Mechanism, which will allow users to get % from the transaction as a bonus in VAIs✨ The bonus is transferred to the Wallet and can be used to e.g. buy services through VAIOT’s intelligent channels.

#Testnet campaign statistics: Since the launch of #VAIOT Testnet campaign we’ve received: 🔹101 #development suggestions, 25 competing for being the best of the week 🔹103 bug reports 🔹124 twitter-related activities Thank you for the engagement. Keep up the good work! 🙌

✨[TESTNET] Cheers and another 10 points to creative @DayalKS2 for the best development suggestion of the week: Implementation of “Transaction/Activity Type” dropdown to enhance frontend’s UX, for user to filter different types of TXs and track certain activity on the #Testnet.

One of the crucial $VAI Token utilities is in the works! #VAI Payback allows users to get a bonus in $VAI for each service purchased on one of VAIOT’s platforms. It'll be introduced as part of #EasyContracts solution 🧐 VAI Payback'll be available for testing on #Testnet 🔥

Hi VAIOTeers! 👋 Another #sprint brings the newest updates on our development progress of VAIOT’s #EasyContracts solution ✨👨‍🎓 Have a look at the Medium Tech Update: https://t.co/ksCpa5vqlU

The #Testnet testing campaign is in progress with some exciting rewards for best testers! #VAIOT will distribute 5000 USDT to TOP 10 testers of the Testnet campaign alongside other interesting rewards, including a trip to a popular #blockchain event! 🥳 https://t.co/seGQPkhNxb

👉[TESTNET] Cheers and additional 10 points to @DayalKS2 for the best development suggestion of the week: Transaction graph, total wallet count, staking statistics to be added to the Testnet UI homepage to depict the last 2 weeks of activity to provide more analytical insights🔥

#VAIOT is introducing the regular (every month) Project Updates highlighting our current developments, activities, and future goals 👀 This month we've focused on #EasyContracts and #Testnet development 🙌 For the full version, check our medium article: https://t.co/1XjM2Fjbbi

Be sure to test, report bugs and new functionality ideas to earn points and exciting #rewards as part of #VAIOT Testnet Incentive Program. Keep track of top scores on our online Leaderboard: https://t.co/JZUExepxCj ✨ Your testing helps VAIOT improve the #Mainnet development!🔥 https://t.co/ch3p5JLeIT


The online Leaderboard is LIVE, go to: https://t.co/JZUExepxCj, and keep an eye on your score 👀 Join the testing community, be active, share your remarks and win exciting rewards!🥳 All information on VAIOT Incentive Program available via: https://t.co/seGQPkhNxb.

Hi #VAIOT Community!👋 The newest Tech Update is available👀 In the current sprint, we’re focusing on the #VAI Token utilities: 🔸#VAI Payback 🔸#VAI Payments 👉Have a look at our Medium for more information: https://t.co/4dDe8VmsCh

#VAIOT Testers! Remember that you don’t have to wait until the conclusion of the #Testnet testing campaign to earn #rewards . As part of our short-term rewards scheme, the top 3 testers will share 1.500 USDT every 3 months 🥳 Have a look at: https://t.co/seGQPkhNxb 🧐

Did you know that each week you’ll have a chance to win an extra amount of points for your #Testnet Leaderboard score by providing us with a detailed development suggestion?🥳 The best ones will be rewarded with 10 extra points increasing your chance to win the main #prize !🎊 https://t.co/BMa7uVoEiI


Hi VAIOTeers! Have you already read about the #Testnet Rewards? To celebrate #VAIOT Testnet, we offer you a chance to win a trip to a popular #blockchain event.✈️🔥 Be active, test, propose upgrades, and win the main #prize !🎁 👉All details: https://t.co/seGQPkhNxb

#Testnet Incentive Program is live!🎉🥳 Testnet aims to run all of the #VAIOT #Cosmos-based #Mainnet functionalities.🔥 Join the testing community, report bugs, share your thoughts and receive some exciting rewards! More info in the Medium article: https://t.co/seGQPkhNxb

Hello VAIOTeers!👋 Did you know that #VAIOT #EasyContracts Assistant verifies and analyses all user inputs to make sure it is in-line with contract requirements and good practice? Data validation is a part of the current dev sprint at VAIOT! ✨ https://t.co/bPSnSCZGyM



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