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Unifi Protocol DAO

890 000
(0 %)
Start date
14 Nov 2020
End date
14 Dec 2020

A multi-chain, smart-contract based DeFi solution


Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens10000000
ICO Token Price1 UNFI = 0.66 USD


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#FeatureFriday Things are going to start heating up around here... πŸ”₯ You're not going to want to miss any of our updates. πŸ“°Our monthly newsletter will keep you up to speed on all things #Unifi No spam. All the highlights. Coming soon! https://t.co/IXRshLo1j1


#UPv2πŸ†™ is built for economic sustainability Tried & true methods for generating passive returns. The perfect addition to any portfolio. 🀲At the basic level - all you have to do is get some $UP and HODL. The token does the work for you! And this is just the beginning $UNFI https://t.co/2xPmYn5HWghttps://t.co/uJZpfV5LV1


πŸ“‹Today's #WatercoolerWednesday agenda: - #Solana exploit!!! - Bridge hacks!!! - Hundreds of millions lost!!! - WTH is going on in crypto!!? - What possible solutions can #UP v2 offer!?😏 πŸ‘‰Join @Juliun_b LIVE today at 10am PT to find out!

Github attack, Solana exploit, bridge hacks... 🀯 😱 This year can use an UPgrade! πŸ†™ This is the reason we've been pushing sustainability of #UP so hard You can hold $UP in your hardware wallet & STILL earn a little bit of yield on it - trustless & secure Be smart. Be safe https://t.co/HzzhxeBlxj


Where is crypto headed? How does Unifi Protocol fit into that future? $UP is an important milestone on our journey to building a sustainable blockchain economy. 🧩 The pieces are starting to come together... #UP #UNFI Don't miss our latest blog post! https://t.co/2xPmYn5HWg

✍️ New blog post! "APR + CRYPTO = SCAM" Click below to read this controversial piece from @juliun_b

πŸ™„ Yea we've known this for awhile now New clip released. From last week's watercooler. Check it out Make sure to sub to our channel so you can stay ahead of the news and be the first to know! (Blog post coming next week) https://t.co/BJpTwL5fPM

It's nice to be noticed 😊 We've been a bit quiet this past week - just getting ready for an exciting next month! $UNFI #UNFI https://t.co/pJVAaigy8O


Are there any good crypto podcasts or crypto YouTube channels out there? (Bonus points for the ones that provide insightful analysis and not just paid shills.)

For our new followers - a quick recap to get you up to date! πŸ†™Our revolutionary $UP token is getting an UPgrade - more sustainable ways to generate yield. #UPv2 is just a better way to hold crypto. Launching soon! πŸ‘€ Big announcement in August... 🌐New website on the way https://t.co/xAKcmWo2aY


CRYPTO TWITTER: You'd have to be silly to launch a product on @harmonyprotocol these days UNIFI PROTOCOL: Hold my beer

We are live on our YouTube channel with this week's #WatercoolerWednesday

#UPv2 can sustainably earn yield even just from regular market movements (#DARBi & LP Rewards) πŸ†™Holding UP is v rewarding 😎Bc of that we have a feeling $UP is going to be a very desirable token, so we added a new feature: Public Minting! 🏧 Making it easier to get some UP https://t.co/Xcx0vPE5R3https://t.co/dywPcyIa0m


Some great milestones & accomplishments reached in the last few months for #Unifi πŸ’ͺ But we think it's going to get even more exciting! $UNFI #UNFI $UP Our CEO @Juliun_b thinks so too. Take a look at this clip from a #watercooler on our YT channel ⬇ https://t.co/ksj4Axp2oc

πŸ—£Who remembers this banner? #UNFI staking is up to ~22% APR, with way more room to grow! ↑ stakers = ↑ rewards Take advantage of this amazing deal while you still can, bc these incredible returns are unsustainable! 😏Earning $UNFI like this won't be available forever... https://t.co/S973QuLZAi



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