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End goal
12 000 000
Sales started
340 days ago12 Jan 2018
Sales ends in
377 days31 Dec 2019

TokenData is the first multi-exchange platform that builds and executes professional investment decisions, relying on an awesome crypto-assets data lake.

We produce raw data for Asset Managers : financial market data, company data as well as sentiments on social media, news & trends on the entire ecosystem of the crypto assets market. Our services are available through our Trading Terminal platform or a Rest & Fix APIs as well as Streaming canals for continuous data feeds. We collect more than 2 billions data every day and we are able to share with our users 150 fundamental variables about crypto-asset companies as well as financial data (historical & current) from more than 40 crypto exchanges.

Drawing on the power of Artificial Intelligence, TokenData is a ground-breaking innovator in the creation of alternative datasets which are the ultimate source of power in today’s asset management.

The TDA token is a private placement under Reg D - Rule 506 C of SEC. It is the first European security token powered by the newest Ethereum high standard security smart contract to offer its holders an unique quarterly share profit distribution. In addition, we set up an exclusive Top Holder program as well as a great bonus for STO investors.

TokenData technology is built by a team of extraordinary data scientists and a unique partnership with the Artificial Intelligence research laboratory at the Columbia University.


Project details

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Started 12 January 2018
11 months ago
Development statusPrototype / MVP
Org. StructureCentralized
Active fromJanuary 2018
TagsAssets Management (42)Artificial Intelligence (26)Trading & Investing (57)
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    Hardware walletNo
    Registered companySwitzerland

    Token distribution

    Total tokens3100000000
    Available for Token Sale1581000000
    ICO Token Price0.017 USD


    by @tokendataai/ 0 followers

    “The Real Opportunity Here With Blockchain And Crypto Is That We Can Build Railways For A Financial System Which Doesn’t Rely On So Much Profiteering To Operate It, Which Means That Value Can Be Redistributed » @business - Please Like & Share ☝️- #STO https://t.co/B8RsicH1ROhttps://t.co/3cI2LNCCDU

    Deep Learning With Small Data Is Still In Its Early Stages As A Research Field But It Looks Like It’s gaining More Popularity... More About In This Article Made By Yonathan Hadar on @Medium - Please Like & Share ☝️- #STO #AssetBack #TokenData #TokenSale https://t.co/1KAPavJdZzhttps://t.co/10YUjlVB6w


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