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Important: IEO on Probit (IEO Page link).

End goal
19 200 000
Sales started
192 days ago05 Jun 2019
Sales ends in
days12 Jun 2019

Smathium builds blockchain based platform service which can be applied in various loyalty program and membership. It also provides one system by integrating various points and benefits which were separated in different brands.

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      Project details

      Role of tokenUtility
      Token typeERC20
      Hardware walletNo


      Total tokens10000000000
      Available for Token Sale40%
      ICO Token Price1 SMT = 0.00600 USD


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      [Listing on Probit] --------------------------- Deposit opens at: June 14 12:00PM (GMT+9) Trading opens at: June 14 15:00PM (GMT+9) Trading pairs: SMT/KRW, SMT/BTC --------------------------- https://t.co/7zWm46Ow7K

      [Announcement] 1. ALL UNSOLD TOKENS from pre-ICO stage were allocated to partners in exchange with various services, including advertise platform usage. 2. ALL UNSOLD TOKENS from ICO stage were allocated to institutional investors. https://t.co/JXjPljOE34

      Details about upcoming IEO on Probit IEO allocation: 35,000,000 SMT IEO token price: 0.006 USD Hardcap: 210,000USD All sold tokens are unlocked. All unsold tokens will be burnt. Trading will open shortly after token sales. https://t.co/gGhMFTTSDxhttps://t.co/hwyFOanWBu

      Smathians, We are thrilled to announce our first ever initial exchange offering on https://t.co/pyEXpQ3EXS with guaranteed listing. Probit is one of the only few Korean exchanges that provides fully functional fiat deposit. Time: 6/5/2019 - 6/7/2019, 6/10-6/12/2019 #probit #IEO https://t.co/ZaVGejRjvA

      ❗ Big News ❗ Our Pre-ICO round 2 is live! With the end of the first round, we are pleased to announce our second round. After hearing feedback on our vesting period, we've removed it for the second round! Invest here -->https://t.co/V38faLdOBphttps://t.co/so34nqwlfU

      How do I hold the SMT token? SMT is based on the Ethereum blockchain, and can be obtained in any wallet able of holding ETH tokens. For example, Myetherwallet, Metamask, Maider Wallet). #smathium #crypto #ICO #ieo #cryptocurrency


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