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End goal
200 000 000
Sales started
143 days ago29 Nov 2018
Sales ends in
days31 Jan 2019

SERO: World's first Zero Knowledge Proof based Privacy Protection Platform for Decentralised Applications.

Website: sero.cash
Source code: github.com

Project details

Started 31 December 2018
4 months ago
Development statusBeta version
Org. StructureCentralized
Active fromDecember 2018
Sold on presaleNo
Token type
Hardware walletNo
Team frominternational
Registered companyCayman Islands


Total tokens200000000
Available for Token Sale200000000
ICO Token Price0.02 USD


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SERO has officially established a strategic business partnership with QTUM and will jointly develop long-term in-depth cooperation in zero-knowledge proof and blockchain privacy protection technology research.Technically and ecologically QTUM & SERO has huge space for development https://t.co/dAr1ZUetw2

AlienProtocol provides a distributed DNS system to obtain the stable operation of the network & information transmission by means of automatic addressing. Castrol Protocol implements encrypted privacy protection for the IP address of the node,forming a complete dapp privacy suite https://t.co/WnX06FyNmL

📌 Dear SERO Community, From now on the only official SERO OTC is https://t.co/Cos6OjqlWm Please join here to trade SERO. We will not be responsible for frauds/cheats if you trade SERO at some other avenues. Best Regards, SERO Team #SERO #OTC #Discord #privacy #Dapps https://t.co/6HH6OrzTaG

As part of expansion, #SERO will use a mechanism like Plasma for horizontal performance scalability base on #multichain systems improving it's performace ad allowing #SERO to have the ability to update its state at a very high level per second. #SERO #Blockchain #cryptocurrency https://t.co/HJt5kfsI7Z

Privacy is your birth right, no government should be allowed to control it. Your Privacy Your Assets ! 4 more days to go before the big reveal !!! 😃😎 Join Discord : https://t.co/cqYr0FMK7y #SERO #Blockchain #Crypto #SmartContracts https://t.co/SpI46Ijs9y

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's SERO 101 Super User Global Recruitment !!! 🤩🤩 Details to be released in 6 days! 😎😎 Join Discord : https://t.co/cqYr0FMK7y #SERO #Blockchain #Crypto #SmartContracts https://t.co/x4ceaXCzyn

📌 Dear SERO Community, We are very pleased to inform you that now we have an official SERO Discord that you can join and help spread the word about SERO to keep suppoting us! 🙂 SERO Discord : https://t.co/ikVJDrQyEw #SERO $SERO #Blockchain #cryptocurrency #SmartContracts


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