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200 000 000
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19 days ago29 Nov 2018
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43 days31 Jan 2019

SERO: World's first Zero Knowledge Proof based Privacy Protection Platform for Decentralised Applications.

Website: sero.cash
Source code: github.com

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Started 31 December 2018
less than a minute ago
Development statusBeta version
Org. StructureCentralized
Active fromDecember 2018
Sold on presaleNo
TagsPrivacy & Security (40)
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    Team frominternational
    Registered companyCayman Islands

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    Total tokens200000000
    Available for Token Sale200000000
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    by @SEROdotCASH 0 followers

    Emily, the SERO community volunteer made a set of pics for SERO, thanks a lot! Our team decided to give her SERO token rewards. https://t.co/RoWDshuAKr

    On Dec. 1st 2018, SERO and Lingyun Chain https://t.co/X7XPUgNy2Y officially signed a strategic partnership agreement. SERO will be providing privacy protection technology to their Artificial Intelligence Block Cloud(AIBC) blockchain ecosystem for end to end financial solutions. https://t.co/CJ9YADljmb

    📌 #SEROGang We are happy to share our first official detailed technical manual about setting up a SERO Protocol on your local machine. Read about : Mining SERO coins to doing anonymous transaction using issued coins by smart contract. https://t.co/dXJVo8pXIX

    SERO is world-first private coin supporting smart contract, it's also World's only a platform permits developers to issue private coin supporting smart contract. we proved our ZKP 20x faster than Zcash. Possible to analyze @SEROdotCASH ? @DollarVigilante @JerryBanfield

    SERO Latest Development Update #SEROGang we are very proud to announce that the team has successfully launched the BETANET- RC1. More details are below👇 SERO BETANET-RC1(v0.3.0-beta.1) Release Version name BETANET-RC1 GitHub BETANET-RC1 Link : https://t.co/gkBJAtqWUyhttps://t.co/qQ6oLHkM6t

    SERO - Global first Privacy Protecting Blockchain Platform using Zero Knowledge Proof(Chs&Eng: via @YouTube

    Our CEO Robert was recently invited as a guest speaker by Shanghai based Finwex LABS to their blockchain themed conference "Quality Project Sharing Session on Blockchain". #SEROGang #dapps https://t.co/JUAemO0PKm

    SERO is attending MGS (Entertainment Global Show) in The Venetian Macao, there are so many legal Casinos come to visit the show, and SERO was invited to have a speech today to show the Casinos how to use blockchain technology for online gambling with privacy protection. https://t.co/Et7S6iD7UN

    DApp developers can issue their own anonymous token or anonymous ticket based on SERO CHAIN to circulate throughout the SERO ecosystem. Super-ZK - Zero-knowledge proof encryption library, independently developed by SERO is currently the fastest in encryption performance. https://t.co/BxMc1TtApR

    #SEROGang Phase 1 of our Early Bird iBO about to close. Remember with each phase closing the price per SERO Token will increase. Also, all the iBO participants are receiving their tokens instantly in their wallets! Get all the details about Early Bird iBO https://t.co/337jyVUBdShttps://t.co/iDu2xolJ7n

    SERO: via @YouTube


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