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Raze Network

Start date
12 Apr 2021
End date
16 Apr 2021

Raze Network is a Substrate-based, cross-chain privacy protocol for the Polkadot ecosystem.


Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typePolkadot
Hardware walletNo


by @R4ZE_Network 0 followers

A $RAZE account has the following functions relating to transactions: 1) Create ✨Raze Account: Create Raze account address. https://t.co/RThkS6tAtK


It is very important for users to create an anonymous RAZE account when they trade anonymously on the Raze network A Raze account can be created by a public key & Raze tokens, and is identified by the public key https://t.co/cMWiwy91n1


The practical use case of the 🄼🄸🄽🅃 function is turning any token into a private token so you can store the tokens privately in your $Raze account & then 🅃🅁🄰🄽🅂🄵🄴🅁 them from there to another Raze account or interact with one of the integrated DApps https://t.co/2ESm8SHs1b


RAZE NETWORK three main features are: 1. Private store of assets 2. Private peer to peer transfers 3. Private app transactions, all the way from #DeFi projects to #NFTs Don’t compromise when it comes down to #Privacy -> $RAZE #ReThinkPrivacy #unt RAZEable https://t.co/h8kQdmVTZo


RAZE NETWORK doesn’t try to hide transactions from regulatory bodies, we protect our users while on-chain. Your financial assets aren’t publicly displayed to anyone who wants to see them when you operate in the $RAZE ecosystem. #ReThinkPrivacy #ZkSnarks #DeFi #Web3 #unt RAZEable https://t.co/HQOnyB5a60


To achieve #privacy , Raze Network uses #zk SNARKs algorithm. Instead of transferring exact data, a data range is sent. This way the other party is able 2 confirm that the person is eligible 4 the required criteria or not, while not actually revealing what the exact data is. $RAZE https://t.co/cAd9YmU2Yq


Online security, real world threats and desire for #privacy are often at odds in an increasingly connected world. #ReThinkPrivacy We are Building a Multichain Privacy Middleware for #DeFi and #Web3 $RAZE https://t.co/X7sxujmwT9


#Privacy protection in a rapidly changing digital world isn’t something that we can afford to ignore. Protect your Privacy with $RAZE #ReThinkPrivacy #DeFi #Web3 https://t.co/nVNWrjSZnu


We like to announce the February winner of our RAZE THE STAKES campaign: https://t.co/TMa546npp6 So thank you very much @DXB_Sa 👍 The RAZE THE STAKES campaign is ended now after 3 months. Thanks again to all the Razers that participated! 😘

Hi Razers, Next week … will be activated. Please stay tuned..😉

Very nice initiative coming from our RAZE community. Credits to Ronni! Well done!👏 New $SPARTA : $RAZE pool on the Spartan Protocol DApp. https://t.co/JN4qXujPSs


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