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Radix DLT

10 640 000
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Start date
08 Oct 2020
End date
22 Oct 2020

Radix is a high-throughput protocol for building decentralized applications, tokens and coins.

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Token typeOwn wallet
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Registered companyRADIX DLT LTD, Great Britain
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Not to be outdone by the London event, the Bangalore meet-up had a ATH turnout as well! We’re not creating a flash mob, this is a movement, and it’s just warming up. $XRD #Radix https://t.co/2ALyg8miq2


The #RadixReport is back! Sorry for the lateness of this edition, our Social Media Manager is asleep at the wheel. Tuck in. 👇 https://t.co/gMZJ28aXr7 $XRD #Radix

The biggest community meet-up so far is taking place in London on Saturday! 🎉 Join for 👇 🔷#Web3 panel 🔷Keynotes from Outlier Ventures & RDX Works 🔷Developer showcase 🔷#NFT & $XRD prizes Credit to @a_vaunt & @jafaroff85 for arranging it! RSVP: https://t.co/ulMadCveTS

In a recent #Scrypto challenge, one entry stood out from the others. The man behind the keyboard had only been coding for 2 months, yet he walked away with the 2nd place prize. This is the Peter Kim Story. 🎉 https://t.co/lvKVxwrnut $XRD #Radix #Rustlang

What better way to start the week then with more words of wisdom from the main man @RedFoo . $XRD #Radix #Scrypto

🔥Hot job of the week🔥 Service Delivery Manager - Global Join us and spearhead the delivery of our Instapass and Instabridge services; both vital to creating a seamless experience for users. Check out the full JD via the link: https://t.co/yRGS3QZRMAhttps://t.co/8abGrzNTsT


Who wants to try their hand at getting #Radix noticed? We are ready to back your wildest marketing ideas. Read the blog and apply. It's your time to shine. $XRD #Radix https://t.co/bDyRIRMTfY

Join us via livestream or in person to explore the confluence of TradFi and #DeFI. This event examines the opportunities and threats facing current institutional models, and offers insights into the future of Finance in a Web3-enabled world. https://t.co/GyK9eBrWfV $XRD

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