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End goal
9 310 000
Start date
18 May 2019
End date
23 Sep 2019

ParamountDax aims to provide a sophisticated trading platform that really caters to the needs of the crypto community by offering intuitive user interface, instant liquidity, multilingual and real-time customer support and by enabling seamless, secure and risk- free trading opportunity at minimal fee.

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Project details

Started 18 May 2019
about 1 year ago
Development statusWorking product
Org. StructureCentralized
Active fromMay 2019
Role of tokenPayment
Token typeUtility
Hardware walletNo
Team fromUnited Kingdom
Registered companyUnited Kingdom


Total tokens75000000
Available for Token Sale40000000
ICO Token Price0.15 USD
Soft cap1750000 USD


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Dear Community, ✅ParamountDax Exchange has been live since April 29, 2020. ✅Thanks also to your contribution we want to share with you the results of the updates made by our developers and those that are being worked on! https://t.co/50t564FZWA

Dear Community, ✅The PRDX Token will be distributed to the user’s wallet account according to the official vesting plan. ✅This Vesting plan will help to support the PRDX price stability. Read the full article and share it with your friends! https://t.co/5dou0HkTTX

Dear Community, ✅We are excited to announce the official launch of the ParamountDax Exchange on 28th April at 10:00 AM UTC+2 ✅We feel this launch is also the beginning of something very special within our community https://t.co/y4PAsU6dqa

Hello Community, The ParamountDax Beta 2 Test will be released next week and will communicate the exact timing on telegram groups. Read the full article and share it with your friends! https://t.co/W4SNCqknMU

Dear Community, 🔹We are pleased to announce the release of the Beta 2 Test! 👇👇Read the full Progress Update and stay tuned for https://t.co/PyrN3APbE4

Dear Friends, ✅ How often do we face various difficulties relating to trading? 👉Read the full article to avoid "Another 5 primary mistakes that impede your trading progress" https://t.co/OeOjIIUTfM

🔹We are just two weeks into January and already it’s been a very productive month with significant progress in several points. 👇👇Read the full article on ParamountDax updates and share it with your friends! https://t.co/6B6CpQl3t4

Dear Community, ✅ Do you know how to avoid Mistakes and Become a good Crypto Trader? ✅ In this article, we attempt to help you by spilling the tea about the most common mistakes and some ways to learn from them… or avoid them. https://t.co/6yyI4P7leh

Dear Community, 🔹When the platform will be launched before the end of January 2020 we will inform the community about Bounty distribution. 🔹Thanks for your patience and understanding 👇Read the article about Bounty and Airdrop distribution! https://t.co/ovLQKcpBCc

Dear Community, ✅The ParamountDax platform Beta Phase 1 test will start from December, 12 and will end to December 31, 2019 ✅To participate you need to send an email at frontdesk @paramountdax .com 👇Read the article and claim your 200 PRDX token https://t.co/n7QZUJA5Y6

Dear Users and Partners, 🔹We are extremely happy to announce that phase 1 of beta testing will be released on 12th December and will end on 31 December 2019. 👉Read the full article and share it with your friends! https://t.co/zwAwZOFBcW

Dear Community ✅ ParamountDax offers the highest levels of security available while simultaneously solving the issue of cold storage portability. https://t.co/y61mqz30Vd

Dear ParamountDax friends, 🔹The team would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners and users for providing their useful feedback and advice along the way. 🔹Our team is like a family — we support, encourage and perfect each other. https://t.co/9y3Dfkj6wB

Dear community members, 🔹Many trading platforms exist, most of them are using White Label products but the most promising are Built From Scratch. 👇👇 Read the full article and share it with your friends https://t.co/TFfpnCKmNe

Dear Community, ✅ Crypto traders have several tools to assess the cryptocurrency market. One of them is an approach known as Technical Analysis. 👇👇Read the full article and share with your friends https://t.co/tKJDYa65EY #Blockchain #cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Exchange #trading

Dear community members, 🔹Register on ParamountDax, get the code from your account and share it with your friends to earn a percentage on commissions whenever they trade 👇👇 Read the full article here https://t.co/rahcyZYAbh

ParamountDax's dream of becoming a cryptocurrency giant seems to become more achievable day by day. The simplicity and depth chart are certain to satisfy the needs of any trader at any experience level and security features. https://t.co/nUrchQZCKs

✅ The Advanced Market Detector (AMD) is an advanced tool that shows evaluations based on technical indicators. ✅ We'll continue to give you updates, just make sure you're here to see them. Read the full update here https://t.co/umuPzkpIwK

Dear Users, ✅ With our expected launch, we would like to share the results of the security audits, we did so far. ✅ The audit did not discover any issues of critical severity. 👇👇Read the full article and share awareness with your friends! https://t.co/0ZYWOdBbfj


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