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O3 Swap is a cross-chain aggregation protocol, allowing users to access multi-chain liquidity sources on one platform.


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Token typeERC20
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GM to everyone putting the freedom back into finance!

Like this if you believe in #DeFi or comment if you have other thoughts.

📢Dear O3ers, the DEX - ZipSwap's deposit contract on #Optimism has been paused where users can not add O3-USDC to unlock O3 rewards. To replace ZipSwap for O3 unlocking on OP, there will be another DEX added in about a week. https://t.co/Nsoe0evS3K


🗣️Attention O3ers, if your transaction got stuck in the middle of your cross-chain process, this Tx Tracker in the bottom right is here for you to help speed up your tx by posting your transaction hash. https://t.co/uRhjxRnDdz


📣ALERT: Due to cross-chain demand, we shifted our focus to the following 9 pools and their liquidity rewards have been adjusted upward ⏫. In the future, the pools of #ETH and #stablecoin APR on new chains will also increase relatively. Get your rewards while they're juicy!🍹 https://t.co/CoTiPAdP0O


GM to everyone who was looking forward to the addition of a new blockchain!

We're continuing to expand! 🚀 Starting at 4 AM UTC tomorrow, we'll launch on @CeloOrg and liquidity mining of $cUSD & $O3 for $O3 rewards will officially begin. For full details 👇 https://t.co/fRA8ZcN5Cl

GM ladies and gentlemen! Let's get after it today.

Here at O3 Labs, #crosschain is the name of the game! Linking up🔗L2 and L1 blockchains⛓️ will continue to be a huge market going forward!

Remember! "The CEX needs you more than you need the CEX!" When #DeFi exists, the perils of CeFi are easily avoidable.

GM to all those who’ve tried more than one blockchain! Congrats! You’re our target customer!

Our Community Carnival🎡is still ongoing if any #DeFi users want to join a completely free #Airdrop opportunity on #BNB All you have to do is complete tasks within GiveLab to help us grow our community! Good luck! https://t.co/g40sdyRZzS

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