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O3 Swap is a cross-chain aggregation protocol, allowing users to access multi-chain liquidity sources on one platform.

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Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
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O3 Swap's NFT HackerPunks are just about ready! Which function do you want the #O3HackerPunks to have on O3 Swap v2? 😉Governance, mining, trading... ✏️Comment with #O3HackerPunks and we'll read through the replies. #O3SwapV2 https://t.co/XDJ7WI7doZ

Hey O3ers! Which native projects do you think are ready for lift off in the #Arbitrum ecosystem? 🚀🚀 Comment your favorite projects below!📢 @OffchainLabs @arbitrum

💥News for O3ers who're awaiting our v2 launch: In advance of the launch, we'll be airdropping special edition NFTs to 1,000 users who've provided the highest amounts of liquidity in O3 Swap's pools. These NFTs can be used to mine O3 coin at a higher rate. #OSwap #Defi #Crypto

⚡️ Welcome back to the bull market O3ers and crypto enthusiasts! Now that O3 Swap is rocking and rolling again, we want to know which chain O3 Swap should launch on next. Vote below to influence our interoperability. ⏬ #O3Swap #crosschain #Crypto

📢Polygon cross-chain transfer functionality on O3 Swap has NOW been restored! And it is expected that all related stuck transactions on #Polygon will be fully recovered today. Thank you for your patience! https://t.co/QPcDIMzDdi

🚨Polygon cross-chain transfer functionality on O3 Swap will be temporarily shut down while @PolyNetwork2 works to resolve an issue caused by the Geth error on ETH. Please do not create new transactions on Polygon or panic if cross-chain transfers involving Polygon are stuck. https://t.co/aWo2Ax4oRj

We're back! O3 Swap has finished restoring the functionality of all supported cross-chain pools. We really appreciate your patience and trust. Thank you a ton for the continued support! 🎯Stay tuned. #O3SwapV2 https://t.co/atHbDlqnJ0

📣#O3Swap's ETH-pegged and BTC-pegged Pools have been NOW restored! ✨Freely swap ETH-pegged assets and BTC-pegged assets (WBTC/HBTC/BTCB) across ERC-20/BEP-20/HRC-20, as well as add/remove liquidity for ETH-pegged and BTC-pegged cross-chain pools. 👀Liquidity Provider Rewards


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