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Smart contracts for the real world. Mattereum is the first Internet of Agreements infrastructure project for legally-enforceable smart contracts, enabling the sale and lease of physical property and other transfers of rights in assets.

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Goods are only used once. When we buy things, we don’t generally expect to sell them again. We use them til they break, or a new model replaces them, then discard. This ‘Take Make Waste’ cycle causes significant environmental damage This is the problem Mattereum is here to solve https://t.co/FkiIo3haQK


Counterfeits saturate digital trade. Counterfeits are estimated at $2 trillion annually. In an environment of doubt, buyers cannot be confident of their purchases – and sellers cannot maximise the value of their assets. This is the problem Mattereum is here to solve. https://t.co/mHyKjTJNdu


Standard NFTs offer no legally binding warranties. They offer no recourse in the event of fraud or theft. Without them, the trade of physical assets as NFTs becomes characterized by risk, and significantly limits the success of sales This is the problem Mattereum is here to solve https://t.co/MGS4E9lZpC


If asset identity details are not saved they will be lost. When buying an asset as a standard NFT, we often have little knowledge of the underlying object’s provenance, which significantly limits tradability This is the problem Mattereum is here to solve https://t.co/i0bnrlaGRjhttps://t.co/kanSEHrj0d


Mattereum’s Asset Passports are uniquely powerful for their adaptability. We are starting with these high-value asset classes, and can simply expand in every direction from there. The legally-backed tech is already in place. https://t.co/xxaSwxfjXI

Over 15 years of bubbles, booms, busts, fads and exotic, even fanciful, products, together we have actually built up an extraordinary body of innovation in the blockchain space. It is time to use it for something real. It is the only way to stop the bubble bursting for good. https://t.co/kWy9EjxJDQ


“When we tell people what we can do, it sounds like science fiction - but we can actually do it. We got the hard legal work done before we did anything else. That means Mattereum really can guarantee ownership and trading of physical objects via NFTs.” https://t.co/Afw1SxZvLUhttps://t.co/SARRzqlHim


The goals of Blockchain tech were never to escape the Physical World, but to improve the systems governing it. While we are all still living here in this world, Mattereum is going to be here, leading the way in improving it.


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