End goal
500 000

Ludos will use blockchain technology and a token economy to reform the game industry, enhance the flow of resources between upstream and downstream industries, provide gamers with a more transparent gaming environment, and bring more customer flow and new opportunities to developers


Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeOwn wallet
Hardware walletNo




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Ludos will cooperate with a number of top projects to jointly create a new DEFI-2.0 ecosystem. Stay tuned❤️

Important notice: The bridge function is a bridge between multiple blockchains and currently powers Ludos. This unique bridge is able to transfer value between multiple different blockchains such as Ethereum, BSC, etc. https://t.co/4U86hSHbGP


The launch period of the risk-free earning APK mining pools on Ludos is coming to an end. Thanks to all the early users for the love and support.The official version is coming soon! Something BIG is about to come, please keep an eye on us for upcoming details. Ludos to the moon

FaceDAO suspended the transfer of the FACE token, you may not able to withdraw your deposit within the ludos so far. We will pay close attention to the latest update about FACE. During this period, your FACE token deposited in the ludos mining pool is absolutely safe.

We have already finish the statistics works and write all the airdrop award on chain. You can check the Airdrop page within the ludos.dapp to claim your reward status. Once it is released, you can withdraw and trade at anytime you want. Thanks for your patience and stay with us

Dear users: We have already working on the statistics for all users that eligible for the first phase airdrop. You will be able to claim very soon. Please take note on the message and airdrop page inside Ludos dApp. BTW the more surprised second phase airdrop is on the way!

Thanks for the love and support from our users! The TVL of single pool (CAKE-APK) is over 100000 CAKE now! With out you guys, we are able to accomplish this achievement in such a short time! This is only the begining. Please stay with us. ❤️ #Ludos #Mining #APK #DeFi #Airdrop https://t.co/L09k42aZrc


Reminder: 3 days until the end of the first phase airdrop! You still have time to win the free airdrop by just click https://t.co/9XsHZSEQCg and register a DID. (Please approach to us or your friend to get a invitation code)

Airdrop alert!! Hi Guys,we are so exicted to announce the airdrop plans!!! Phase 1: all DID registered users are able to claim 10000 $APK!(Until end of March) Please note that this is only the phase 1, we still have phase 2&3 following that contains more rewards!Register now https://t.co/HFBhh8XvzE


Hi Ludos Fams, How was your weekend? Another brand new week has started, we are ready to announce the detailed airdrop plan very soon. This is your last chance to lock your seat. There are plenty risk-free high APR mining pool waiting for you to explore. Start earn now!

Binance App announced the launch of the first DeFi project mini-program PancakeSwap. $CAKE has seen a huge pump today. Use Ludos to stake $CAKE to deposit and withdraw anytime, and get extra income. It is not only risk-free, but even make your get double income!

A new week has started, what are your plans? We are constantly improving the product and adding some new features. There is still some time before we announce the full airdrop plan. Until then, it will be early bird time, invite your friends to explore Ludos dApp together!

The airdrop plan is in the final confirmation stage! we expect to announce the specific plan as soon as next week. What we can tell now is that you'd better invite more friends to register and try to participate in our mining pool in the Ludos dApp. Follow us to keep update!

Ludos dApp is a one-stop DeFi tool on BSC Super high APR first mining pool and mysterious surprises… - Swap Aggregator - Automated market maker - Risk-free single asset mining - Liquidity mining - Guaranteed low-risk IDO - Aggregated airdrop platform - Lots of bonus surprises

More details will be announced later, you'd better register now to lock your seat. The early bird may have more mysterious surprises! https://t.co/UPLA3w6rsH


Airdrop news on Ludos dAPP, This is a thread, please read it until the end. Ludos dApp is a project incubated by ludos Protocol community governance. This is a brand new project that operate independently on BNB chain……


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