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7 400 000
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19 000 000
Start date
08 Dec 2017
End date
31 Dec 2017
25% discount

Loci will revolutionize the patent and invention process and empower a new wave of innovators.

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Sold on presale1,661,884 USD
Role of tokenUtility
Min/Max Personal Cap0.1 ETH / TBA
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo
Number of Team Members17
Registered companyLoci, inc.


Total tokens100000000
Available for Token Sale50%
ICO Token Price1 LOCIcoin = 0.44 USD


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We're extraordinary creators in many ways, and we believe everyone can invent. That's why LOCI & #RedBlueCollective reopened the Mindhive application at: https://t.co/yW2Onae9Br. Calling all entrepreneurs & innovators to come have fun and guidance at the #Mindhive. Limited space. https://t.co/HjPn7MO7Ga


When examiners look deeply into your patent application, you'll want to be confident of your invention's patentability. Invention Analysis offers a solid LOCI Score and analysis to provide aspiring inventors the knowledge they need. Discover your I.A. at https://t.co/wlefILpAyshttps://t.co/cYcwWnnG3N


We love collaborating with #RedBlueCollective to connect inventors with cutting edge technology and hands-on guidance to manufacturing. LOCI is here to help ALL aspiring inventors. We're accepting applications now: https://t.co/1bPQtKKETghttps://t.co/Mm1jpKdLX6


Have you seen the term “Patent Pending” recently? That means the inventor has filed a patent application with @USPTO . We understand it looks tough to pursue credit for your idea, so we’ve paved a smoother path for everyone to file directly on LOCI at https://t.co/wlefILpAyshttps://t.co/4OyIKrLF9F


Come one, come all. Apply at https://t.co/1bPQtKKETg to be a part of a rare learning experience. Join the quickly growing network of innovators like Jim, a wonderful inventor (and notetaker) at one of our #Mindhive events. https://t.co/kWySQFObwq


GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE. Are you ready to network and test your idea under close examination? We've created the space + the inventor's platform for great minds to expand their knowledge base and the potential of having their idea patented. Apply now: https://t.co/1bPQtKKETghttps://t.co/d9zPpL85Th


Hold up, what IS blockchain? Blockchain is a digital ledger where info turns to permanently time stamped public info. LOCI marks your idea on the blockchain, sharing just enough info to create a record w/o sharing your secret sauce. Only at https://t.co/oof2h54tJYhttps://t.co/XKgXPXZZQH



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