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Jura Protocol: a paradigm-shifting suite of four technologies that together form the foundation for a robust new blockchain ecosystem. The Jura protocol is feeless, ultrafast, and provides the decentralized security required for users to rest certain that their transactions are safe.

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    by @JuraProtocol 0 followers

    Hello Everyone!🥳Here comes our #MonthlyReport of August from #Jura! Share your concerns about technology developments and Jura team's recent activities. Check it out! #Blockchain @IrisY_Jura https://t.co/UGBgpOREKw

    Today is the last workday in August. What interesting things happened to you in August?Our monthly report 🈷#Jura will be available soon. Please be patient. Thank you. https://t.co/0X04clLhh2

    Nova Club held an intimate industry night party with @Cointelegraph in Beijing. More than 300 global blockchain industry leaders and KOL gathered here to talk about cooperation and development. @JuraProtocol member was invited to the Night Party, and the party was unprecedented. https://t.co/j2BWiemKrY

    Dream Wu @JuraProtocol attended AWS Technology Summit 2019. JURA's advanced architecture reduces the cost of building blockchains. Currently, JURA is developing blockchain hardware products based on IoT devices, hope everyone can enjoy the convenience brought by #Blockchain. https://t.co/eJPUqYrBtF

    Don't worry about what the other guys are thinking. All that really matters is you don't stop trying. #FridayThoughts #FridayMotivation https://t.co/huU9VvoC43

    Recently, due to the change of the official website server, #Jura homepage cannot be opened normally, which brings inconvenience to everyone. Jura Team @JuraProtocol is working on the repair as soon as possible. Please be patient. https://t.co/sTEdlz7oeh

    🎉Here comes our Monthly Report of July from #Jura! Share your concerns about technology developments and Jura team's recent activities. Check it out! #JulyReport #Blockchain @IrisY_Jura https://t.co/xTReRluuwH


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