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End goal
17 000 000
Sales started
20 days ago29 Apr 2019
Sales ends in
days03 May 2019

Jura Protocol: a paradigm-shifting suite of four technologies that together form the foundation for a robust new blockchain ecosystem. The Jura protocol is feeless, ultrafast, and provides the decentralized security required for users to rest certain that their transactions are safe.


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Token typeOwn wallet
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Do you why you should invest in #Jura? Our novel sharding technique is one of the many reasons. We ensure scalability while staying decentralized! P.S We're IEOing on Probit on 29th April 2019. #jura #sharding #TokenSales #IEO #go Invest! https://t.co/3QZYNbgQvT

We just held a successful testnet launch! Testnet Results: - Our nodes have generated over >100K Rounds without Crash - Preparing for TPS testing these days (Results to be announce in late March or early April) https://t.co/IaQmCaqoeQ

Jura Protocol Bi-Weekly Report (16/2 - 28/2)! Thank you for supporting us! 1⃣ #jura testnet is in full swing 2⃣ Beijing Technical Exchange 3⃣ New Partnership 4⃣ Tech evelopment Click for more details! #JREX https://t.co/xdDp2TM60A


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