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Jura Protocol: a paradigm-shifting suite of four technologies that together form the foundation for a robust new blockchain ecosystem. The Jura protocol is feeless, ultrafast, and provides the decentralized security required for users to rest certain that their transactions are safe.

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Whatever is happening in the world, Jura team is pushing hard with progress. Dear #Jura fans, our March report in 2020 is coming. Thanks for your patience. Check out what you're interested in! @IrisY_Jura #MonthlyReport #Blockchain https://t.co/A0ZzzetQg7

Dear Jura fans, our monthly report of March in 2020 will be available soon. Sorry for late. Hope everything will be fine. Thank you so much. @IrisY_Jura #Jura #MonthlyReport #Blockchain https://t.co/JEeo5C2QgH

To assist the fight against #COVID2019, Jura Orgnization is donating protective equipment to hospitals. Scan the code if you are interested in the process. Stay strong and stay positive. 💪🏻 ☀️ We are here with you! #StaySafe #coronavirus #donation #Masks4All https://t.co/XecopjLyan

JURA is negotiating a major business deal with several international companies to further expand global network and implement real-world applications. 😎😎 Big announcement coming soon!!👀 #blockchain #Tech #deals #crypto

The concept of blockchain and IoT has been discussed many times. Let's see. How do IoT and Blockchain coexist? https://t.co/fgOGQpyMAf

Hello friends!Dear #Jura fans, our February 🈷️ report in 2020 is coming. Thank you for your patience. Check out what you're interested in! @IrisY_Jura #MonthlyReport #Blockchain https://t.co/ZkzgJYioi7

😊Dear Jura fans, our monthly report of February 🈷️ in 2020 will be available soon. Please be patient. Thank you so much. @IrisY_Jura #Jura #MonthlyReport #Blockchain https://t.co/ziXlJtaUEF


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