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5% in Day 1

Integral is a DEX: building the last DEX, that belongs to the people.

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Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo
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Total tokens30000
Available for Token Sale25%



by @ProfessorJEY 0 followers

Solutions to Open-Source Funding panel, as @owocki explains @gitcoin quadratic funds matching at #Mainnet2021: "Rounds 7-11 funded by #defi bags" (and recently #nft bags!). We look forward to keep supporting as matching partner via @IntegralHQ #GR11

As a pseudonymous avatar witnessing the #Mainnet2021 panel on pseudonymity, is this meta? @RyanWatkins_ @MonetSupply @0xMaki mewny "The future of digital labor/work" "It's a form of proof of work" (instead of ID) keeping human with "voice as a compromise"

Day 2 begins. Now that $ITGR is circulating... hodlers do you wish to use it as collateral? & what other integrations of the token do you want to see within DeFi? (leave your feedback below, will do our best for team to process) cc: @IntegralHQ

It is important to continue the trend of crypto/blockchain/defi teams collaborating together. E.g. today it is @IntegralHQ <> @BreederDodo , for a special lucky audience of 1000 few! In anticipation of ... cc: @Diane_0320 #DEXonDEX

🍽️#DeFi devs in-the-wild be feasting on SCs with forks! Humbled to see @IntegralHQ code repos forked alongside gr8 orgs that inspired our core team in 2020. Gr8 builders & tinkerers get inspired by forking & playing w the repos before them. Do we see the seed of DeFi Summer 3.0? https://t.co/N5jRotXilC


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