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5% in Day 1

Integral is a DEX: building the last DEX, that belongs to the people.


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Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo
Additional LinksSale
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Total tokens30000
Available for Token Sale25%




by @ProfessorJEY 0 followers

To ethereum devs, if you ever thought differently, then pay heed now: the 18th decimal does matter. ie, the 1e-18 stETH corner case edition, a fun aberration we see in this space, courtesy of rounding in shares accounting vs absolute amounts: https://t.co/ue37XmIE2v

Our devs are seeing HTTP 429 errors from @infura_io while using @etherscan frontend (and it just keeps retrying - web3 connect wallet specifically), anybody else got this problem? 🫀

For a run-through about building the future of decentralized OTC crypto trading on-chain, and a casual background on the basics of OTC, check out @0xWailord 's debut article: https://t.co/jHIYxAUQLf

Price discovery can happen on infinite-range liquidity (aka AMMs like v2). Infinite concentration (zero price impact) can happen behind the trade delay of @IntegralHQ SIZE, at the price mentioned above, over time. Give it a try @Tetranode https://t.co/4mqb4izkCh

A dual product launch experiment is underway, bridging NFT + DeFi with the launch of Integral #SIZE (The DEX built to handle large swaps on-chain with 0 price impact) + @WhaleSquadNFT Join the #WhaleSquad! https://t.co/KD8pP19Xne

Excited to see this announcement come from a crack-team. The same folks who organized internal bi-monthly talks inside Meta/FB inviting DeFi builders from industry to come share and inspire (thx for having our team @IntegralHQ as guests). Thx for having us last fall. πŸ™ buidl on! https://t.co/grA75Pwttm

🏁🏁🏁Recently went for virtual coffee w. a top-player in the #MEV space, trying to learn about their needs & challenges -- one thing was pretty clear: the DeFi race to acquire trade flow is on πŸπŸπŸπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ


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