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IRIS Network

Inter-chain Service Infrastructure and Protocol.

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Project details

Token typeOwn wallet
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens2000000000
Available for Token Sale20%


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Proud of Bianjie Team🎖️ With the same vision for a greater @cosmos , #IRISnet is working to explore the #NFT technology and #crosschain NFT implementations & applications, develop Terse #IBC for driving Cosmos Enterprise mass adoption and bring more for the Internet of Blockchains https://t.co/eBOcyHoUeV

Congratulations on the launch of @EmerisHQ ! #IRISnet is so honoured to be supported on #Emeris as one of the initial projects in the @cosmos ecosystem 🚀 #IRISgardians, experience the power of cross-chain #DeFi now💫 https://t.co/B2iTQmR55z

#Coinswap supports @keplrwallet now! 🥳 Connect to your Keplr wallet in Coinswap and explore the amazing one-stop experience RIGHT NOW! Follow this guide for more information and instructions📑👇 https://t.co/C1vcGbrX2G

The blockchain technology with privacy computing can help achieve the goal of Carbon Neutrality. #IRISnet and @ixoworld have been working on the new generation of #NFT standards, aiming to have a catalytic change in the state of world 🌍 https://t.co/HkgJbxwTED


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