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IRIS Network

Inter-chain Service Infrastructure and Protocol.

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Token typeOwn wallet
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Total tokens2000000000
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Sincerely appreciate the #ICS721 workshop headed by @gravity_bridge , great to have discussions with eco frens regarding interchain #NFT. Can't wait to see the great outcomes from our joint efforts! https://t.co/GmrasV8Xqe

#IRISnet May Monthly Update🎯 🔘ICS-721 spec for interchain #NFT transfer was merged and entered the development stage 🔘#WenChangChain supported @la_prairie in launching its 1st travel retail #NFTs 🔘The $rIRIS testnet is open for testing … Read on👇 https://t.co/hzev0xpe0j

https://t.co/NmJPCzZr08 Farming Pools Incentives Renewal The Incentives Program for ATOM-IRIS, BNB-IRIS, BUSD-IRIS Farming Pools has been renewed for half a year with additional incentives. The current APYs increase to: ✅ATOM-IRIS: 90% + ✅BNB-IRIS: 20% + ✅BUSD-IRIS: 10% + https://t.co/8mvS8tLTWN


Happy to see eco partners are embracing #ICS721.🙌 The ICS-721 spec was recently merged, and as its creator, #Bianjie(the #IRISnet's core dev team) will soon lead & quickly advance the dev work of ICS-721, and bring Cosmos interchain #NFT/IBC transfers, together with eco frens. https://t.co/JniWxnw3lE

Not sure what $rIRIS Solution is and why need it? Check out this proposal by @StaFiHub_ to know 🔹rIRIS Solution Design 🔹Staking Strategy 🔹Timeline (Incentivized Testnet, Mainnet...) ... and more plans 👉 https://t.co/OF5NSOfjka IRISgardian, let us know your feedback! https://t.co/SoF1m87V2O

Proud of the great works of #BSN-DDC and our core dev team #Bianjie! #WenChangChain has now supported 60+ #NFT applications deployed, covering digital music, digital artworks, #metaverse , IP, etc., and many more apps are on the way🚢 Part of use cases: https://t.co/wnCL0fqJQOhttps://t.co/okyOqfoBQ4


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