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End goal
56 000 000

PrepayWay is a blockchain ecosystem that simplifies and streamlines international collaboration, contracting, and payments for companies across multiple industries.

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      AcceptsETH, USD, EUR, Fiat
      Conditions Whitelist , KYC
      Role of tokenSecurity
      Token typeOwn wallet
      Hardware walletNo
      Team fromSwitzerland
      Registered companySwitzerland


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      The peer to peer lending industry has been changing the way we see finance and challenging the roles of traditional banks in society since 2005. It all started with Zopa, the first P2P lending company in the world 🚀

      Elleeo is excited 🤩 to bring to you loans from the leading Indonesian platforms.

      Don't miss out on the Indonesian 🇮🇩 P2P lending market boom. 😱 Read about the impressive growth of the Indonesian P2P lending sector in this article 👇

      Witn P2P lending, diversification is the only way to reduce the risk rate of portfolio without reducing the rate of return. Achieve maximum ☝️ diversification across platforms, sectors, and borrowers and build an efficient portfolio with Elleeo! 😉

      Have you heard of alternative investment but it sounds complicated? Wouldn’t mind earning some passive income but not sure how P2P works? 🤔 This article lays it out plain and simple: P2P investing can be simple with the right tools.

      🎉Yesterday we have launched a beta version of Elleeo, a one-of-a-kind peer-to-peer lending aggregator🎉 Now we'd like to share an article that explains how to use your InBits to make money on Elleeo🤑

      Elleeo’s mission ☝️ is to offer the widest choice of loans in one place. We achieve this through a rigorous diligence process, scouting the leading crowdlending platforms across the globe, evaluating and selecting the most attractive loans.

      🎉Today we are launching a beta version of Elleeo 🎉 During the test period and prior to the launch of the fiat version, all investments are completely risk-free and all payouts are made from the funds of Elleeo Group companies 😱👍

      1 DAY until the launch of Elleeo! 🤩 For investors, Elleeo opens up immense opportunities for investment and diversification. For P2P lending platforms, Elleeo offers a path to increased liquidity 🚀 https://t.co/GEwU7ZSRPc

      We are excited 🤩 to announce the long-awaited launch of Elleeo this Thursday! Elleeo is a P2P lending aggregation platform, a new tool to help investors navigate the large, complex, and growing P2P lending market and diversify their investment portfolio as much as possible 🚀

      Banking bureaucracy 📑 delays payments and impedes business 🙄. PrepayWay🇨🇭 is developing innovative secure money transfer mechanism and integrated gateway for transactions in both digital and fiat currencies.

      What to look for when selecting P2P lending platforms to invest on? 🤔 Find out why size matters here 👇 https://t.co/O1jpjbeLSJ

      Movement of goods and services involves a series of paper-based 📄 confirmations by multiple parties, which is highly prone to error and delays. PrepayWay's🇨🇭 smart contracts reduce friction, accelerate transactions, and increase business efficiency 😌🚀

      A must-read for investors! 🧐 Forbes shares insightful reflections on what really separates a startup from a business.

      Contract signing 📝 should be the simplest part, yet in the presence of tight deadlines and incompatible time zones Priority FedEx and email may not be the best options. Prepayway🇨🇭 allows business to work faster.

      In the contract negotiation and adjustment process, it is crucial to achieve clarity and transparency 💎 for all parties. PrepayWay🇨🇭 is developing a user-friendly online interface for agreement customization to avoid confusion and mistakes common in paper and offline documents.

      PrepayWay has launched InBit Token Sale Round 6🚀 All the previous rounds are successfully sold out😍 This is the last round where discount is applied😱

      We thank everyone who participated in the fifth sale round👍 The round is fully sold out with the limit of 250 000 EUR reached👏 The next round starts tomorrow with a 10% discount. We look forward to seeing all of you there! 👀 https://t.co/98evXaRqpN


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