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62 000 000
(86 %)
End goal
72 000 000
Start date
30 Jan 2019
End date
07 Mar 2019

A price-stable cryptocurrency designed for mass adoption.
We are building financial infrastructure for the next generation
of decentralized applications.

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    Project details

    Role of tokenUtility
    Token typeOwn wallet
    Hardware walletNo


    by @terra_money 0 followers

    For any product, #UserExperience matters. That’s why we designed our payment product so that #blockchain #technology runs seamlessly in the back. Users don’t need to worry about complicated steps or multiple accounts. We’ll let the product speak for itself! https://t.co/pTczzpNib3

    We are excited to share that the upgrade to #mainnet Columbus-2 went smoothly, and most validators are online and back in business. Big shout out to our #validators for all their hard work. Couldn't have done this without you! https://t.co/3EBaZjmXfr

    Thanks for the great analysis and shoutout! "Terra just launched its blockchain using the Cosmos SDK. Given the team’s background and connections in Korean e-commerce ... it’s likely that the Terra blockchain will become the most widely used blockchain for retail commerce." https://t.co/tUYIORzHJA

    By popular demand, we’ve opened a #research #forum , Agora, so Terrans can have quality discussion with our Researchers and propose cool ideas! Join now to dive right in and help us push the boundaries of money: https://t.co/nt511wZOQu


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