62 000 000
(86 %)
End goal
72 000 000
Start date
30 Jan 2019
End date
07 Mar 2019

A price-stable cryptocurrency designed for mass adoption.
We are building financial infrastructure for the next generation
of decentralized applications.


Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeOwn wallet
Hardware walletNo


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1/ Freely available, curated data and analytics dashboards, as well as educational content and token bounty programs, are coming to Terra! 📈 📊 Prop 902 to provide @MetricsDAO with a $LUNA token grant from the Community Pool to fund the above efforts has successfully passed ✅

1/ Prop 894 to upgrade the Terra chain and add three new updates has successfully passed! As a result, the Terra blockchain will halt temporarily at block 890000, which is approximately 12:00 am UTC on July 29th, to execute the upgrade with Terra validators.


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