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Tari is a new open source, decentralized protocol that reimagines the future of digital assets.

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Active fromJanuary 2019
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Wen lambo? Right now. That is, unless you’d rather your Tari Testnet bag remain effectively worthless. These high end 1/18th scale models may not go as fast as the full size version, but the full size versions don’t come in Tari purple with a dope Tari logo. Now Available https://t.co/quZ0onMpZI


God save the queen privacy. We mean it, man. That said, no need to keep your taste in punk rock and respect for privacy, well…private. Long live the Tari Protocol! Tomorrow on The TTL Store https://t.co/ss6Ch9GoKM


This TA/RI hat isn’t dirt cheap, but it will keep your eyes hidden from the security cameras when you’re doing dirty deeds. January 26 👇 https://t.co/3dk3v7FPWS


Socks that look so good, you don’t need to wear anything else…but you probably should. January 26 on The TTL Store https://t.co/IUT9Iapsjz


Politicians wear flag pins. Crypto nerds wear Tari Testnet pins. It’s up to you to decide if you want to be on the right side or the wrong side of history ✊📌 January 26 🔜🛍 https://t.co/YF9p6SWxej


Salute the world with subtle Yat style when you wear this black on black hat. Disclaimer: the back of the hat may not be as subtle as the front. January 26 on the TTL Store 🤝 https://t.co/9NYFL2Nsqm


Don’t be a square, be a cube. This is true heavy metal culture but no, the cube does not emit a sick guitar solo. You can’t comprehend the density of these Tungsten cubes until you hold one in your hands. Become one with the cube. Cop the Tari Tungsten Cube on January 26 👀🔜 https://t.co/q6ofxMW2ov


Testnet reset means all balances will be zero'd out and that makes it the fairest time to launch some dope new merch on the TTL Store 👀🛍 What better way to celebrate the testnet reset than with a shirt featuring the iconic ASCII welcome screen for the Tari base node 🔜 Jan 26 https://t.co/6E3GIxMGrI


New Year, New Tari testnet The Dibbler testnet will be starting on January 26, 2022. There might be some surprises for you leading up to launch so turn notifications on 🔔🔛👀 Read more about the testnet reset here: https://t.co/qcyrl09wm5

🚨 NO! This is not true. There is no Tari Token or Tari token sale. Tari is still in testnet. Be careful of scams. https://t.co/oIB6fvCtOm

What's Cooking With Tari 🍳🥓💻 - Tari is going green with 🥒 - Tari Console Wallet 🙌 - The latest Tari base node release v0.8.8 👨‍💻 Read all the details in this week's newsletter and subscribe to get Tari updates delivered straight to your inbox 📰📥 https://t.co/rDOEL1vnAnhttps://t.co/qGgVgtR47p



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