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Swivel finance is the decentralized protocol for fixed-rate lending and interest-rate derivatives.

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Day 1 of @ETHGlobal 's ETHOnline 2021 with Swivel! ETHGlobal's hackathons are both the most effective and most fun way to break into web3! Come play around with our recently open-sourced swivel.js SDK, and check out our founder @TraversaJulian 's upcoming workshop

1) It's been 48 hectic hours since our recent testnet launch... And with a 2500% increase in daily traffic over our v1, its time for a quick recap! https://t.co/ppJiBAOfby

Our founder @TraversaJulian reviews how Swivel fits into ETH2 and the growing dark forest of MEV. With the creation of tokenized ETH2 cash-flows, Swivel enables stakers to avoid volatile yields, extend exposure to yield, and uniquely predict future ecosystem volatility! https://t.co/XgG2wQrWCh

Last day for @gitcoin grants round 10! We've been grateful for the donations received this round and will be paying forward 100% of any proceeds back to our community!

Today our Strategy Lead @DeFiClark released his first article in a series on the digitization of cash-flows. Take a look and in just 5 minutes get an initial idea of what is really possible once lending and borrowing flows are tokenized and tradable. https://t.co/iZbBvvJwxu

Big congratulations to the @gitcoin team! Swivel might not exist today without the contribution of the folks leading @KERNEL0x 's first cohort and we all owe an infinite debt to Gitcoin for all they have done for web3. On to the next phase of web3 funding, decentralization! https://t.co/kAbf2oLvS6

Part two of our series on interest-rate derivatives! Today, a look into a few of the immediate use cases of IRD's. https://t.co/GDaJTtEehj

You've got to know what youre replacing in order to replace it. A look at the traditional use cases of cash-flow markets. https://t.co/9mAiZoH2TA

Our time in @defialliance 's second cohort has been invaluable. With the input of cohort members, Swivel has seen significant upgrades and we're extremely excited to be publicly discussing a few design mechanisms of our v2 for the first time tomorrow! https://t.co/1cPbCTHggw


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