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Nsure Network

1 450 000
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Start date
28 Oct 2020
End date
30 Oct 2020

Nsure is an open insurance platform for Open Finance. The project borrows the idea of Lloyd’s London, a market place to trade insurance risks, where premiums are determined by a Dynamic Pricing Model. Capital mining will be implemented to secure capital required to back the risks at any point of time. A 3-phase crowd voting mechanism is used to ensure every claim is handled professionally.


Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo




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The MCR represents the minimum amount of funds the capital pool needs, to be very confident it can pay all claims. We are working on 100% calculation of MCR on-chain. On chain calculation for MCR 🧮⬇️ https://t.co/8dpbDyozWm

Nsure Security Rating Database Published! 🔐 It's all about transparency and fairness. 👷‍♂️ Learn more about Why protocols are eligible for better premium here: https://t.co/bwVC69s51p

He laughs last who laughs best. Don’t miss the N-SCOSS rating update, check the upgrades or downgrades of the protocols you are underwriting! https://t.co/ADLjqyQWVY

⚡️Polygon Development Update⚡️ NSURE NETWORK will conclude its successful migration to @0xPolygon Mainnet, launching the 3rd and last stage. Users will now able to purchase policies for the available products on the Nsure Marketplace. Article & Guide👇 https://t.co/sHde206kMv

⚡️Get ready for Nsure Network’s Stage Two Launch on Polygon ⚡️ Underwriter Module to be going live as of November 20th 12:00PM UTC! Ready to stake your Nsure on @0xPolygon ? Purchasing policies coming up next‼️ All details and user guide below👇 https://t.co/TRudpmaH1v

🚨NSURE NETWORK Polygon Launch🚨 24-hour count-down for @0xPolygon ! Commencing on November 3rd 12:00PM UTC as the first open Beta on Polygon Main Network. Here’s all you should know about the Gradual Release: https://t.co/XEJMBo52rn

After some internal testing and last preparations for launching capital mining on Polygon, we’ve noticed some users were able to find the dedicated page and front-run prior to our official launch going live. Do not deposit, as the capital mining rewards and APR are not live yet! https://t.co/omURJ8LDxs

In case you missed it! Check out our live AMA session with @relitefinance !

Our latest Discord AMA with @relitefinance is now live! Talking with in-depth partnership scope of collaboration, future steps, and general industry paradigms about security that are in means of a process shift! Have a look in case you missed it 👇 https://t.co/nlKEIBbXq2

Time for Nsure hodlers and underwriters to vote! The 1st proposal of Nsure DAO is live. This proposal’s expectation is to decide how much mining rewards for Nsure’s marketplace on Polygon network. 👀👇https://t.co/Iwjje3TNld

💥Don’t miss out on our upcoming AMA with @relitefinance ! 💥 ⚡️Join the giveaway on Gleam ⚡️Drop Questions in comment section of the designated tweets ⚡️Join the live stream to be happening on YouTube on Monday, 12:00pm GMT #NsureReliteAMA https://t.co/qzEV1mNnvB

💣💣 $500 NSURE Giveaway! 💣💣 Ramping up for our upcoming video-AMA with our latest partner @relitefinance ! Retweet, follow & drop your best questions about this collaboration in comments below, and 5 winners will be selected to receive $100 NSURE each! 💥 #NsureReliteAMA https://t.co/Tn9Fis0CDm


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