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09 Apr 2021
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09 Apr 2021

Kattana is the trading terminal you have been dreaming of, cutting edge trading tools for Cefi AND Defi enviroments for both pro and beginners.


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Great news for all samurai!Kattana has developed a unique tech solution for @trondao and won #GrandHackathon2022 🏆 As a trusted cross-chain terminal for DEXs and a big data provider, Kattana'll become the entry point to the #TRON Network for new developers and users as a result!

Wow! This is a wonderful reason to celebrate today!🔥🥳🎂 Kattana #1 💎 It was a great event, an awesome hackathon! Special thanks to @trondao , judges and everyone who participated, both projects and community members! Cheers!

TECH UPDATE🔧: • @gate_io charts are fixed & icon updated; • Multichart system optimized and updated; • Small bugs fixed.

How trading charts are made? Kattana collects and transforms the real-time trading data into accurate charts📈 It allows all #DeFi community enjoy Trading Data in visualized graphics, make quick decisions, and trade like a pro!😎

Hey, you all know that "low liquidity" is bad but why 🤔 Here's the main point 🔻 Low liquidity leads to high slippage - a large difference between the expected price of a token trade and the price at which it is actually executed 📉 Always check the liquidity on Kattana 😉

On which chain do you trade most?🤓 Tag your fav DEX in the comments ✅ $ETH $AVAX $EGLD $BNB #DeFi

⚡️Kattana weekly report⚡️ •Upgraded search in the Watchlist✅ •Wider functionality of multicharts: save multichart state - save your time✅ •"No columns" placeholder in the chart✅ •Icons update in the Info✅ (1/2) $KTN #Update #Tech

Kattana partners with @Coretoio - DeFi ecosystem that bridges the gap between projects, pools, investors, traders and much more😎 From now on live charts from Kattana will provide precise data for Coreto community and $COR can be traded through 🚀

Now it's time to dive into the trading process📈 How do you start trading on Kattana: 1. Connect your wallet on 💻 2. Choose a trading pair 🔁 3. Use varaity of tools for analysis 4. Trade like a pro! ⚡️ #Kattana #DeFi

Manage time with Kattana - control the timeframe of the charts you see!⚡️ 🔥1 second, 1 minute, 1 day, 1 week - you choose what time period to check on the charts⌚️ Analyze trading activity precisely only with 🚀 #Kattana #DeFi

Want to know how to integrate DEX into Kattana? Here's a short guide⚡️: Step 1-contact Kattana✉️ Step 2-give the requested infoℹ️ Step 3-wait a few moments for the full integration👨‍💻 Step 4-tell your DEX traders the great news: they can now trade on their fav DEX with Kattana🚀


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