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20 Apr 2020
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22 Apr 2020

A Linux infrastructure for scalable decentralized applications.

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Want to learn more about #Cartesi? CEO @erickdemoura joined @cryptocom for an AMA to answer all your questions! Learn how Cartesi began, all about $CTSI and its incentives for holders, what Cartesi means for DeFi, and more! Catch the replay here: $CTSI

To create new, decentralized technology for the world, #Cartesi integrates #Linux & standard programming environments to blockchain. Over 30 years, Linux has become part of our daily lives, from websites to servers. So what better reason to celebrate Linux's first line of code! https://t.co/Vtlw1FG8zy

With exciting initiatives in the works, check-in with the #Cartesi team for September's Development Recap $CTSI - All rollups pieces released, working on demo - Released Noether’s delegated staking Beta on testnet - Texas HODL’em improvements Learn more: https://t.co/OEl5ipDcH8

We're excited to reach the beta phase of Noether's Staking Delegation on testnet! Huge thanks to our community for feedback. Check out what's new: - Improved smart contract design - Reduced gas fee - New UI/UX features & more! Learn more about the updates https://t.co/cugWhBQsmk

1/ Check out our breakdown on how blockchain delivers an enhanced gaming experience and how #Cartesi is bringing more game developers to blockchain. ⬇️ https://t.co/X0RuIf87Xp

Rich tooling, convenience for developers, and great UI are fundamental for #Cartesi to become widely adopted and pervasive. We're offering specific grants that focus on building tools, infrastructure, or improving Cartesi products. $CTSI Apply here 👉 https://t.co/Ol1xbgk1y4

A warm welcome to all our new community members! We're happy to see our community growing each day. If you've recently joined us, have a look at why #Cartesi matters, in this 5 min video from CEO @erickdemoura ! $CTSI

Today marks the date of @marttimalmi 's first recorded exchange of #bitcoin to fiat money! Proving that #BTC can be worth real money, that transaction would be over $200m today. We'd love to hear about your own crypto anniversary! When did you make your first exchange? 🗓 $CTSI https://t.co/pBP3ku9C2z

We're taking #Cartesi marketing in an exciting direction! To show how passionate we are about making the world a more inclusive place, we're redefining our brand. Our session w/ @boldscandinavia kicked off by aligning our teams across Denmark, Netherlands, Taiwan & Russia. $CTSI https://t.co/qSSPeOceKg

Want to help us shape the future of #Cartesi? We'd love to hear your thoughts on how we can level up our staking experiences. To thank you, US$2000 in $CTSI will be distributed equally between 150 participants as a reward! Share your feedback: https://t.co/83X8fGMdvChttps://t.co/OMFi9BW9Dh

We're hiring at #Cartesi! Our fully remote team is looking for a Technical Community Manager and a Technical Writer. We believe everyone can enter blockchain and want to make blockchain technology available to all kinds of coders. Check out our openings: https://t.co/i3WxBPl0HYhttps://t.co/QZRoqHJq22

Rich tooling, convenience for developers & great user experience are fundamental for #Cartesi to become widely adopted and pervasive. Our Toolmaker Grant focuses on building out tools, infrastructure, or improving Cartesi products. Apply over at: https://t.co/e2Waw1jeMZ $CTSI https://t.co/dvoelaNOmM

Want to help shape the future of #Cartesi? Let us know how we can make our communities even better. We'd love to grow with your support! As thanks for your feedback, we'll randomly pick 5 winners to receive $100 USD in $CTSI. Share your thoughts today https://t.co/0SzRgPjHkW

Great news for DeFi enthusiasts in our community, @KnitFinance is integrating #Cartesi ($CTSI) into its multichain platform! Knit's integration allows CTSI to leverage DApps and transact across multiple blockchains simultaneously. Learn more: https://t.co/6NjDgY0Mvo

It's been a brilliant month of expansion for the #Cartesi team! August developments include: - Team Expansion: 9 new members - Blockchain Gaming Updates - $CTSI Kraken Listing - and more! Catch up with what we've been up to: https://t.co/J71rxScTD5

At #Cartesi we're working hard to attract the next million developers - that's why we're partnering with @TechWithTimm . Check out Tim's high-level intro to DApps for mainstream developers: https://t.co/M4DiyiWkbX More on how we're making blockchain accessible, still to come!

#Cartesi Labs is all about pushing the boundaries of what is doable, making the impossible, possible. A research grant applicant will support our superstar R&D team in its initiatives or explore new ones - individuals and institutions welcome to apply 👉 https://t.co/e2Waw1jeMZhttps://t.co/oZIIBSp0zS

It's been a busy week of planning and development for the #Cartesi team! Amsterdam-based, Nathalie (Head of Marketing) & Max (Business Development) took the chance to meet in person, chatting all things Texas HODL'em & decentralized gaming. Watch this space for updates... $CTSI https://t.co/nFnDQTRKBl


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