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20 Apr 2020
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22 Apr 2020

A Linux infrastructure for scalable decentralized applications.


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Role of tokenUtility
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Hello, @EFDevcon community. If you want a healthy and collaborative environment for all optimistic rollup projects. A place to match the spirit of #Web3 and its community-based efforts at #Devcon, make sure to like and show your support on our proposal: https://t.co/c62j7LIQpt

New to working with blockchain? Well, you're not the only one. @scalac_io developer Alexander started with a light interest in blockchain, then he saw it begin to to prove itself of value. A new technology here to disrupt. To be a force for good. So how did he step into #Web3?

Is #TheBlockchainOS breaking new ground? Well, when bringing an operating system to blockchain opens up endless possibilities to developers and brings Web2 developers in their droves across to #Web3 the answer is a resounding YES! Pick up the new issue of @cryptomagz for more: https://t.co/YNhOEKoP8M

Missed our last Coffee with Cartesi? We sat down with the Web2 and #Web3 developers building with #Cartesi tech to chat #DApps that bring machine learning, biometrics, smart city solutions, and decentralized games to blockchain. Catch up with the replay: https://t.co/zkOT50D8Oe

Thinking about what benefits you'd get from jumping on board #TheBlockchainOS? In Brazil public routes established for ferries, buses and train lines are executed by private companies who prioritize lucrative routes & peak service hours over others. So how can blockchain help?

What a month it's been! Ready to catch up with all that happened in July? Well, say hello to: - Groundbreaking #DApps on The Blockchain OS. - 6 new core contributors. - New communities via 5 $CTSI listings. And there's more to see: https://t.co/w6cZvjObgW

Happy 7th Birthday ethereumm! You came along, all those years ago to be something secure, and decentralized. To change the way industries operate, and how people go about their daily lives. You became the bedrock for so many emerging technological advances. https://t.co/bdaMHObZCn


Here's to new contributors to The Blockchain OS. To the incredible journey ahead of them. To seeing how they shape the future of #Cartesi. Want to hear what skills and expertise they're bringing? Come say hello, with our welcome post: https://t.co/uS9U5yRp97

Hello, developers. Ever wanted to figure out how to bring machine learning to blockchain? Train a model to recognize fake silicon prints against real fingerprints - all secured with blockchain tech? Well, watch this: https://t.co/a01txZ4d6d

Want to connect with core contributors of #TheBlockchainOS? From #TalentLand2022 to #OffChain Lisbon, we had a fantastic time meeting companies & visionaries alike at events the world over. Keep an eye out for our bright blue #Cartesi t-shirts at the next one & come say hello! https://t.co/wtJIndWXrF


We’re live! Come grab a coffee with us now and hear about the exciting #DApps being built on The Blockchain OS ⬇️ https://t.co/IN7EyJxCOe

Coffee ready? We're going live in 1 hour! Cartesi co-founders Erick & Colin are leading the conversation alongside Core Developer, Carlo, diving deep with developers around the world on the revolutionary new #DApps they're building on The Blockchain OS. https://t.co/HMp5j0A0BWhttps://t.co/uu7lHIYV3k


For @Aetheras_io 's Denis & Teddy, it felt like The Blockchain OS had been built so that everyone could get on board with blockchain. To create fair and secure game tournaments. To increase the transparency of a player's NFT ownership. To create a digital legacy on the metaverse.

How does #blockchain improve our lives by increasing our personal freedoms? How can it remove the power of large institutions & give back to the people? And how about creating social change via Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (#DAOs)? Take a read: https://t.co/tyosJxJrpL

Missed our AMA with Crypto Miners? Don’t worry, catch up with all that was covered with this handy recap ⬇️ https://t.co/cVp94MxhhG

1/ Hello, web developers. Ready to step from Web2 into #Web3? For Kamil, there was this sense of familiarity to the #DApp development process with The Blockchain OS. The libraries were mostly already there and the syntax was somehow familiar.

It's time for another Coffee with Cartesi! We're sitting down with the developers building with #Cartesi tech. Seeing how they’re prototyping #DApps that bring machine learning, biometrics, smart city solutions, and decentralized games to blockchain. https://t.co/Ui92GYwRnK


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