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5 500 000
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5 500 000
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21 Jan 2019
End date
30 Jan 2019

HARA plans to revolutionize the agriculture sector and help small farmers with blockchain technology.

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Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
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Total tokens1200000000
Available for Token Sale30%


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Hi HARA Squad! As a show of our gratitude and appreciation to you, we’ll be buying back & burning some of our HARA Tokens (HART). Check out what benefits it may bring to the HART community on our Medium here: https://t.co/ljAa1LFUTe #HARAForTheFuture #WeAreHARA #HARAAgri https://t.co/lZlkuufUE6

Hi HARA Squad! Today we are gonna share about several areas in Indonesia that are big centers for ginger production. What’s even more amazing is that they produce nearly a thousand tons of ginger every year! Have you ever visited any of these places? #HARAForTheFuture https://t.co/8rTEY9Sa3e

Happy Wednesday, HARA Squad! Who’s still curious about the factors that make our ginger export numbers lower compared to our ginger imports? Slide left to find out the reason. What's your opinion on this? Share your comments below! #HARAForTheFuture #WeAreHARA #HARAAgri https://t.co/rbYp1eDm1W

Hi HARA Squad! Yesterday, both HARA CEO, Regi Wahyu, and HARA CTO, Imron Zuhri, shared the brilliant motivation behind the initiative, which was to increase consumers' trust in the food quality and validity provided by the poultry industry. #HARAForTheFuture #WeAreHARA https://t.co/1aYi8fVkXn

Hi HARA Squad! Regi Wahyu ( @regiwahyu ) will be discussing about “Halal Traceability 101” on : Date : Friday, September 3rd 2021 Time : 16:00-17:00 WIB Platform : @kneks .id Join us on HARA x KNEKS IG Live!✨ #HARAForTheFuture #WeAreHARA #HARAAgri https://t.co/S7UuYt2Lcy

Welcome to September HARA Squad! Today, we’re talking about ginger's numbers as exported-imported goods in Indonesia! It’s not only important to know about ginger production, but we also need to know about Indonesia's economic activities related to ginger production as well. https://t.co/vQPpM3Cyvz

Who doesn't know the importance of farmers for us to live and to ensure that our economy runs smoothly? Here are some ways we can help contribute and support our local farmers! Share with us how you support our local farmers! #HARAForTheFuture #WeAreHARA #HARAAgri https://t.co/XLJuamdRfm

[THREAD] Yesterday, Regi Wahyu, Founder and CEO of HARA, shared his experience of trying to bring social systemic change for Indonesian agriculture through HARA. #HARAForTheFuture #WeAreHARA #HARAAgri https://t.co/7lawLb5akX

Hai HARA Squad! Have you missed our "Stories from the Field?" We are now at the monitoring stage! Here's a sneak-peek of our ginger, where it's growing strong thanks to the constant care and watering by our female ginger farmers! #HARAForTheFuture #WeAreHARA #HARAAgri https://t.co/kYz1zhsfLf

Hi HARA Squad! During "Hari Sumpah Pemuda" on 28 October 2017, a young farmer, Siti Soraya Casandra, shared her worries and hope for the future of farmers to President Jokowi. Learn more about her story here! #HARAForTheFuture #WeAreHARA #HARAAgri https://t.co/tiZpllZe3O

Did you know that ginger is the perfect ingredient to make a refreshing healthy drink? Just like this Ginger and Honey recipe that’s perfect for when you're sick or when you just want to relax. Try out this recipe and don't forget to mention us! #HARAForTheFuture https://t.co/r1DjcZibF5

Happy Independence Day! Apart from being independent as a country, we can be independent in other ways. Indonesia is bestowed with many natural resources so we have the access to achieve food and financial independence! #HARAForTheFuture #WeAreHARA #HARAAgri #17an #HUTRI76 https://t.co/rbE9m0Td5f

There are still so many young people who aspire to become farmers while taking advantage of current technological advances. As an agritech company, HARA strongly supports this noble commitment by helping to make it happen. #HARAForTheFuture #WeAreHARA #HARAAgri https://t.co/RW6ZbSqrsB

Hi HARA Squad! Interested in learning more about how HARA uses blockchain to give real life impact to help the agriculture sector? Check out Part 1 of our newest HARA Academy: Token Economy video to get your answers! #HARAForTheFuture #WeAreHARA #HARAAgri https://t.co/pMsRtZSWyh

HARA CTO, Imron Zuhri, will appear as a Panelist at Cyber Intelligence Forum Indonesia on: 📍Thursday, 12th August 2021 ⏰ 13.00 - 16.00 WIB For those of you who want to learn more about how to secure IoT and big data infrastructure, register now at https://t.co/vtOAnwSMxd! https://t.co/TIwZDw4sIc


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