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6 900 000
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End goal
7 400 000

FAC is the world's first decentralized chain for influencers and creators, designed to create the open, transparent, autonomous, and efficient economic ecosystem for future national internet influencers, investors, fans.


Project details

Conditions Whitelist
Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens1000000000
Available for Token Sale30%


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Facepower Asset Chain Values 5.Based on the core value of “people”, everyone in the ecosystem and all the actions it generates will be consistently fair, free and respectful. All capital in the ecosystem serves as a distribution tool that will be rewarded and applied to users

Facepower Asset Chain Values 4.The core value and first priority of the Facepower Asset Chain is “people”. We will always assist the public to publicize the universal influencers and creators with universal values and serve the public conglomerately to share the prosperity .

Facepower Asset Chain Values 3.The different forms of contribution of all participants of Facepower Asset Chain will have the same quantitative value fairly.

Facepower Asset Chain Values 2.Each participant in the Facepower Asset Chain construction will receive a proportional return on a fair basis. Each piece of labor value of the participants must be digitally assetized。

Facepower Asset Chain Values 1.Pursue the technological spirit of the blockchain and contribute to the conception of technology of true, fair, and purely decentralized technology.

【FAC Terms】 Smart contracts are event-driven, state-recognized, widely compatible, blockchain-run, and capable of automatically processing assets based on predefined conditions.

【FAC Terms】 【FAC】 FAC is the circulation token in the economic ecosystem of the Facepower Asset Chain.

【FAC Terms】 【FAE】 FAE stands for Facepower Asset Exchange. It is the first innovative exchange platform to truly invest, trade, collateralize and donate influencer equity.

【Market Analysis】 As an important subset of the entertainment industry, the influencer economy has played a unique and far-reaching role in cultural exchanges and mass entertainment alike.

FAC protects the rights and interests of the ecosystem’s participants through smart contracts; utilizes information value transmission and protection through technologies such as DAI and DID, attracts multiple parties to participate in ecological construction.

【The current entertainment industry has some pain points】 • Potential influencers have lengthy careers, high cost, low success rate, exploited IP value at various level. • The lack of trustworthy value transfer and consensus incentive system paired with other shortcomings.

【FAC considers the current entertainment industry has some pain points】 • Industry oligopoly resources. • Boutique and mid-sized agencies lack resources and discourse power, characterized by highly dispersed, fragmented and long tail.

F means facepower, is a person great performance. A means asset, is considered useful or helps a person performance to be successful. C means chain, also block chain, is a growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked using cryptography. https://t.co/AWCbQplcip


Welcome to FAC World, we are the world's first decentralized chain for influencers and creators, designed to create the economic ecosystem of future national internet creators and their digital assets through blockchain technology. https://t.co/OzdbcoWxY1



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