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End goal
2 160 000
Start date
26 Oct 2021
End date
28 Oct 2021

The project “Euphoria” which was launched in October 2021 is a P2P blockchain-based gaming and betting platform, which provides users with card games through BSC in one wallet, events and predictions which users can make by themselves. The head office of the company is based in the UK.
The platform generates income from commission, which is fixed 2% from the winnings in the decentralized services from the largest ecosystems in the blockchain network. Half of the platform fee goes to token buyback in order to create liquidity in pairs. Whoever holds EUPH token in a pair on AMM will also receive Euphoria tokens as if they were staking them on Euphoria’s platform.
The advantages of Euphoria include:

• The platform serves as a peer-2-peer space for users. Games, bets and events are all P2P, they take place only between the users.

• An opportunity to create event predictions on sport and game tournaments.

• Open API extensions, which serve as a template for anyone who wants to create their app.

• Opportunity to earn not only on winnings, but staking, too: 6.25% each year during the period of 4 years will be dedicated to staking.

Source code: github.com
Discussion: t.me

Project details

Started 26 October 2021
about 1 month ago
Development statusBeta version
Org. StructureCentralized
Hardware walletNo
Team from10


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Results of the Public sale!🥳 Here are the numbers🥁 Total funds raised more than $420k and EUPH tokens sold 469,529,333!🤑 Next big event for Euphoria is Listing on HotBit (December 1) Stay tuned😉 https://t.co/ZU7Us6BTw4


New Partnership announcement! 💫🥳 We are happy to announce our first strategic partnership with NFT Technologies and the IBC group. NFT Tech. is a publically traded company that finds the most promising projects at the early stage. https://t.co/bAxGgT35Al


RESULTS OF AIRDROP 💸 There are 304 winners 🏆 Those are the users who have completed all required steps! Each winner will get 118 421 EUPH tokens, which is equal to ~$106 The rewards will be distributed within a week 🥳 https://t.co/nvkYK1Necu


Happy Thanksgiving day, our dear community!🤗 Hope you all are doing well and wish you all the best!🦃 Remind you that the Public sale will start in 50 minutes‼️ https://t.co/oahAAzRSS2


The airdrop has finished 🙌 Thank you for participating! The results will be announced during the day. And the rewards will be distributed within a week 🥳 https://t.co/mnLEhXw2hA

The public sale will be conducted in a decentralized form on our WEBSITE 🥳 The price will be $0.0009 Start: November 25th, 10AM (GMT, London time) Please follow the instructions in our Medium Article to participate in the Public sale: https://t.co/tr0KLorEyyhttps://t.co/Esg082NzK3


PUBLIC SALE starts in three days (25th of November)! Don’t miss it!📣 The price will be $0.0009❗️ Full guide for HOW to BUY tokens will be published tomorrow😉 https://t.co/ukFejUsPuj


Each year about $218bln. is spent on traditional betting and online card games According to our forecast, the cost of EUPH will be $1 in 2024! Euphoria aims to overtake the vast part of the traditional betting and online card games market 🔥 https://t.co/4RFZ57d2Zx


PUBLIC SALE! It is our pleasure to announce that the Public Sale will be on 25th of November, at 10 am (GMC +1). The price per token is $0.0009. Stay tuned! Onward and upward. https://t.co/BBNPWQfCGv


Euphoria's first GIVEAWAY!🎁 We will divide the winnings between five people🤝 The price will be distributed in EUPH tokens💰 What you need to do: RT + Follow us Results in 24 HOURS https://t.co/eLrIpDtJxK


Numbers! Total amount that was raised during the Private sale is $1,121,905 and in EUPH tokens 1,189,841,666.67 And these numbers are not the limit🚀 The rest amount will be sold to Private investors and sent to airdrops☄️ Stay tuned, Public sale is coming!✨ https://t.co/OtPTfQ2egq


The benefits of Euphoria are: • transparency of games' algorithms; • unlimited commissions set by users; • the minimum platform commission, which is only 2%; • opportunities to earn not only on winnings, but also on staking. https://t.co/tKt8RcEsdfhttps://t.co/YS6khmsz58



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