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End goal
2 160 000
Start date
26 Oct 2021
End date
28 Oct 2021

The project “Euphoria” which was launched in October 2021 is a P2P blockchain-based gaming and betting platform, which provides users with card games through BSC in one wallet, events and predictions which users can make by themselves. The head office of the company is based in the UK.
The platform generates income from commission, which is fixed 2% from the winnings in the decentralized services from the largest ecosystems in the blockchain network. Half of the platform fee goes to token buyback in order to create liquidity in pairs. Whoever holds EUPH token in a pair on AMM will also receive Euphoria tokens as if they were staking them on Euphoria’s platform.
The advantages of Euphoria include:

• The platform serves as a peer-2-peer space for users. Games, bets and events are all P2P, they take place only between the users.

• An opportunity to create event predictions on sport and game tournaments.

• Open API extensions, which serve as a template for anyone who wants to create their app.

• Opportunity to earn not only on winnings, but staking, too: 6.25% each year during the period of 4 years will be dedicated to staking.

Source code: github.com
Discussion: t.me

Project details

Started 26 October 2021
about 1 year ago
Development statusBeta version
Org. StructureCentralized
Hardware walletNo
Team from10


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Hi Community! Sensational news is here!🤯 Saudi Arabia won against Argentina in World Cup!!!🎊🎊 However, people who placed bets on Argentina don’t lose anything since nobody believed in this sensational scenario and placed a bet on Saudi Arabia😬. Bravo Saudi! 🇸🇦 https://t.co/zX5MiDBdA1


What’s up Euphoria Community?😀  As you all know World Cup is coming and regarding it we are releasing a new and innovative feature - 1v1 Betting!🥳 1v1 Betting allows you to place a private bet and share the link for it with your friend🤝 https://t.co/s3i40RPwsa


Hi Community! Ahead of World Cup, we are preparing lots of new features such as: ⁃ Big updates in betting design, exclusively for World Cup ⁃ Cybersports to be added in betting And🥁 ⁃ 1v1 Betting- an innovative feature available exclusively only on Euphoria Games https://t.co/7IzY6BTCkk


Hey, Euphoria community!👋 We are here with great news – a vital update in betting smart-contract!🥁 A Draw bet is added and now available in football category!🙌 https://t.co/QCnzEMaTCR P.S. In case you don’t see the updates, please clear the cache. https://t.co/WZ2TWFjxDD


Hello Euphoria community! Fortunately, we had decided to delist from HotBit exchange after numerous issues right on time Details: https://t.co/6hyzn2nhmk

⚽️:UEFA Champions League ⚽️ Time: 6:30 PM UTC. ⚽️Football clubs: "F91 Dudelange" VS "Pyunik Yerevan" https://t.co/fo6x4w4wxv Place your bet before the match!

⚽️:UEFA Europa Conference League ⚽️ Time: 6:15 PM UTC. ⚽️Football clubs: "The New Saints" VS "Vikingur Reykjavik" https://t.co/r1Rni7Uzp9

⚽️:UEFA Champions League ⚽️ Time: 6:00 PM UTC. ⚽️Football clubs: "Sheriff Tiraspol" VS "Maribor" https://t.co/yAojEQ3qVA

:UEFA Europa Conference League ⚽️ Time: 5:00 PM UTC. ⚽️Football clubs: "Lincoln Red Imps FC" VS "FK Tobol Kostanay" https://t.co/lkc8ac0g44

Hello, guys! Today’s matches: ⚽️:UEFA Championship League ⚽️ Time: 4:30 PM UTC. ⚽️Football clubs: "AEK Larnaca" VS FC "Midtjylland" https://t.co/uWtkhipHJM

Hello Euphoria Community!👋 We have published a detailed P2P Betting instruction on Medium, go check it out!🥳 https://t.co/sPcA6OO1M8 You can also use the instructions already by placing bets on the nearest match⚽️: Sheriff Tiraspol vs Zrinjski https://t.co/rUfkUAs3FT


Now you can buy and swap tokens without leaving Euphoria!🔮 We have integrated Pancakeswap on Euphoria interface therefore you can buy EUPH and play without leaving the platform! You need to press “Buy - Trade EUPH” button, approve the transaction on Metamask and that’s it!😉 https://t.co/qN4iynPPTc



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