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The #DeFi agnostic yield optimizer built on Ethereum and Polkadot.


Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens10000000
Available for Token Sale35%
ICO Token Price1 ETHA = 1 USD


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#ETHA Community on @Twitter is 20K strong!🎉🥳 Your support and enthusiasm are paramount to us & you’ve been amazing so far!😊 So let’s raise a toast to YOU🥂 📢Friendly reminder – Our LM program is ongoing until November 14th, so don’t miss out👇 https://t.co/laZ08B29MGhttps://t.co/s5YKlK0NiR

📢The 24th edition of our weekly newsletter series is fresh out of the printing press🗞! Today we are talking about: ✅UI updates ✅Frontend Updates ✅Big Events ✅Mini Events ...and more! Check out our newsletter👇 https://t.co/9175kvq3MH

LM Program-Day 5🗓 🔥$154K TVL in ETHA-USDC pool 🔥$133K TVL in ETHA-QUICK pool Don't miss out: ✅$200K liquidity mining reward! ✅Amplified liquidity ✅Automation at its best ✅Provide liquidity with a single token; maintain 100% exposure Participate👇https://t.co/laZ08B29MGhttps://t.co/udNMLq2sIX

📢We have provided a solution, to the issue a few users were facing when clicking the max button for withdrawals. ❌ Before: When users click on the max button, the App was trying to withdraw an amount that you might not get, so transactions were failing at times 👇👇👇 (1/2) https://t.co/5aEheac9oE

📢It's time for the Big Event! Today, September 15th marks the onset of our $200K Liquidity mining Program with @QuickswapDEX ! 🎉 We gonna update the UI soon to ease the process of providing liquidity!🔥 🧿Learn more👇 https://t.co/rl0MgoLCsM

📢 The 23rd edition of our weekly newsletter is out 🗞! In this newsletter, we are talking about: ✅Bug tickets ✅Frontend updates ✅Upcoming task teasers ✅Upcoming events And more! Read the newsletter, here👇 https://t.co/AzuXpL9ks2

📢We made some updates on the UI ✅Staking position is now visible under 'My Portfolio' 🛠 And we have fixed some reported issues on the UI #ETHA #DeFi #Polygon https://t.co/szGCznQfzw

If you are staking and were wondering how much you have accrued check below 💡 We will soon update the UI and display it accordingly under 'My Portfolio' #ETHA #DeFi #Polygon 👇 https://t.co/xuHTzmu1HT

🌅The 22nd edition of the ETHA Weekly newsletter is fresh and live!🗞️ We have several different updates to share with you: ✅A Revamped UI! ✅Launch of ETHA Staking ...And more! Read the newsletter, here👇 https://t.co/nbMkb6GPqH

Staking is LIVE! 🥳 Stake ETHA - Earn from the protocol fees in ETHA! Stake now👇 Staking Link: https://t.co/laZ08BjLbg Rewards will be accrued instantly, but reward CLAIM can be done after Sept 17th only. After that you can Claim rewards any time https://t.co/0mx98RPhZ1

🛠Let's troubleshoot the slow reloading issue💡 ✅Go to MetaMask>Settings>Networks>Matic Mainnet Change🔽 ✅Network Name: Polygon PoS (Matic) Mainnet ✅New RPC URL: https://t.co/NCQj15zJPA ✅Block Explorer URL: https://t.co/gXCAE4pxJe ✅Hit on "SAVE" Issue Solved!😎

📢The 21st edition of our weekly newsletter has been freshly published! We talk about a lot of interesting updates and bug fixes in this week's update! So don't forget to give it a read and share your feedback on the updates made with us! https://t.co/bp2silhjoo

📢Our Co-Founder, Chester Bella co-hosted an AMA with @icospeaks ! Would you like to know what was talked about?🧐 There were many interesting questions that were answered!👨‍💻 If you are interested in reading it, here is a summary of the #AMA👇 https://t.co/dmlzPfvXux #DeFi

📢The 20th edition of our weekly newsletter is out!🗞 There is much to unpack!   Read it 👇 https://t.co/3oprRlL7ln #Etha #Defi #YieldApp #DeFinews #Yield

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