ICO data from icodrops.com
16 000 000
(80 %)
End goal
20 000 000
Start date
26 Jun 2018
End date
26 Jul 2018

Quadrant is a blockchain-based protocol that enables the access, creation, and distribution of data products and services with authenticity and provenance at its core. The data economy is similar to space; unmapped and chaotic. Quadrant serves as the blueprint that provides an organized system for the utilization of decentralized data.

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Conditions Whitelist , KYC
Sold on presale15,000,000 USD
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo
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Total tokens1000000000
Available for Token Sale40%
ICO Token Price1 eQuad = 0.0446 USD (0.00009275 ETH)


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Verified #POIdata provides an accurate reference of important places, allowing you to build connected, holistic and contextual maps that are valuable for both end-users and service providers dealing in route planning, digital maps, navigation apps etc. https://t.co/GEXXtBcliQ

Outdated and inaccurate POI datasets are the bane of last-mile delivery businesses. Here's how we aim to solve their challenges to reduce costs and improve efficacy. https://t.co/YQZs3piRMv

Most off-the-shelf POI data sets contain inaccurate, incomplete, and outdated information. Learn how Quadrant is solving these challenges using @GeolancerApp https://t.co/gK73BZlp7D #POIData #LocationData

Quadrant's global network of more than a million contributors covers 170+ countries and can be leveraged with @GeolancerApp to collect POI data and attributes at any scale. Learn more about our POI data offering https://t.co/85xlVXpIbK #POIData #LocationData

Get the eBook: Learn how to use mobile location data to make profitable marketing investments, improve brand visibility, promote offers and events, gain new customers, or increase visits to physical outlets https://t.co/BoKsrGeHXf #LocationData #Geospatial #MarketingAnalytics

Geolancer is now live and available in the Play Store in Singapore and part of the Philippines. New locations are coming soon as we sign new projects in Southeast Asia and globally. If you are in 🇸🇬 or 🇵🇭, go out, collect POIs, and get rewarded with $EQUAD! https://t.co/uU9AAUb9Xv

Here are the top seven factors to consider when evaluating a location data vendor and why they are important. https://t.co/qcLOXoUP26 #LocationData #BusinessIntelligence #LocationAnalytics

Here's Tech in Asia reporting about the acquisition: "By tapping into Appen’s user base, Quadrant’s @GeolancerApp product, which can deliver accurate, up-to-date, and manually verifiable POI data, will be scaled up." https://t.co/ek5AVqzRpu

Yahoo Finance highlighting Geolancer: "[the deal] will expand its global reach by tapping into Appen’s crowd of over one million workers in over 170 countries. With the acquisition, we expect Geolancer to become the market-leading POI platform." https://t.co/xAH36dssbT

Ahead of Geolancer's public release we are working hard to ensure that the POI data delivered by the app is reliable and of quality. In our most recent in-house hackathon we built a solution to address this. Read our blog to find out how. https://t.co/ZwI0MIXlWy

Geolancer's second beta campaign is a success! We've mapped 130,000 retail locations across Southeast Asia. Learn more details in our latest post >https://t.co/WEje5JX6EX #Geolancer #LocationData

Researchers from the world's leading universities choose our mobile location data to power their critical social studies. Learn how a team of data scientists & scholars assess transport usage and accessibility in Mozambique and propose solutions. https://t.co/SBDgYebKq0

Learn how mobile location data can help develop studies with humanitarian impact such as disaster management, urban planning, transit management, and various socio-economic issues. https://t.co/99dJacTKjS #LocationData #GeospatialData

In our latest quarterly, in-house, hackathon we built a solution to identify and eliminate questionable activities of freelancers who collect and verify #POIdata via our proprietary @GeolancerApp Read on to learn how this solution enhances data quality. https://t.co/PsqmcRtcJB

Wrong POI data means unreliable maps, and using these maps to power digital platforms or logistics puts businesses at risk of low operational efficiency and declining profits. Learn how you can remediate these issues with Quadrant and Geolancer. https://t.co/r59PdgOz4A

Mobile location data can help you build targeted online and offline campaigns, gauge competition, and measure the ROI on your marketing and advertising spending. Check out our industry solutions guide to know how https://t.co/An2XcY6giN #LocationData #LocationAnalytics

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