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23 Jan 2020
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20 Mar 2020

The decentralized dream, realized. Speed privacy and security on a global scale.

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Is MainNet happening in late October? For sure, check it out! Almost 200 (of 550) nodes have transitioned onto ProtoNet/MainNet. And...processing through cMixx is at 2.5 secs. With robust teams of 5! https://t.co/dKZn1xy5xW

We're social. We need energy from groups that share our goals. And we need to be part of a larger society. But we also need privacy. To manage family & personal issues, to collect our thoughts, to determine who we are w/o social pressures to conform. https://t.co/9UmvlCUXVQ

Nigerian VP, Yemi Osinbajo addressing crypto regulation during a speech in Lagos last week. #Crypto #Nigeria #Paystack We need action that "addresses these serious concerns without necessarily killing the goose that might lay the golden eggs".

Facebook pays contractors to read your ‘encrypted’ WhatsApp messages, then shares info with prosecutors? What about the FB #privacy policy and what about end-to-end encryption? You can't make this stuff up! https://t.co/eSFSzUG33E by @RT_com

David Chaum sharing the xx vision around the world and explaining requirements for speed, privacy and scalability. What's needed is a high performance platform that works with smartphones for blockchain to be widely used

BTC is doing great & that's good! But #quantum computing is a real threat. Best Case: changes that dramatically reduce the speed of chains (on platforms that are already slow). Worst Case: attacks that steal lots of coins. https://t.co/OCoy61ZKMs by @billybambrough

Great to see Apple telling everyone that privacy is critically important. The question is whether everyone in the world should trust a U.S., centralized company to control and manage all their information. https://t.co/8H3stOppal by @nytimes

The messaging app has committed to improve its terms following negotiations with the local authorities. #WhatsApp https://t.co/DTk8JOv0KS

ProtoNet is only one week old and community members are already taking the network into their own hands! As a full simulation, ProtoNet includes governance -- half a dozen community members have declared candidacy for the Council. Check out the explorer. https://t.co/6lEq9xveiQhttps://t.co/xUCSt6rxyp

Existing privacy messengers encrypt your messages, but they reveal who you are talking to and when you’re talking. Open source xx cMix breaks the link between sender and receiver, fully eliminating your digital footprint. https://t.co/EYA8YzfBIv


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