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23 Jan 2020
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20 Mar 2020

The decentralized dream, realized. Speed privacy and security on a global scale.


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xx network Founder and Creator David Chaum brings to Consensus 2022 a presentation on how technology and privacy rights are our only hope for the future of democracy. @chaumdotcom https://t.co/haPees6DKs

Hang in there and we'll get through this down cycle. Google was unknown when the dot-com bubble burst in March 2000. Facebook had not been founded (2004). Downturns always create opportunities for new platforms to emerge as winners. https://t.co/RU7r7MlZV0 by @nytimes

Easy-to-read briefing on xx network governance and staking using the xx coin. Also includes a nice review of the design and use of xx messaging! https://t.co/vmIzCDQWvM

The xx messenger has ratcheted up its decentralization. Before you could back up your account to any cloud provider of your choice - now you can back it up to YOU! Backup to your personal SFTP server and control your own keys. Take your destiny into your own hands. #Messenger https://t.co/YCbklKKmhe


“In the last few months alone, India has invested $1 billion in quantum computing and Israel has announced its intention to develop its own quantum computer for ‘strategic capabilities,'” Chaum told CryptoSlate. https://t.co/1doNi6cd5T by @andjelaradmilac

On 7/25 we will be launching xx explorer, our new chain dashboard! Join one of our Lead engineers, @ArosoBaltasar , at 12 PM UTC on discord for a launch party and a walkthrough of the new web platform! Join the discord now if you want to participate! https://t.co/KkhNOrPHu4.

"The threat to confidentiality is obvious: quantum computers will be able to decrypt not only currently-transmitted data but also data that has already been recorded and stored." https://t.co/H279c2b3JT

David on founding @IACR_News w/Crypto 81, then blind signatures & Digicash, then Bitcoin Then the xx network goal -- create a protected sphere for personal and political expression by growing a quantum resistant, privacy-protecting platform. https://t.co/Khlap5A2G3 by @eahonen


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