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End goal
15 000 000
Start date
06 Aug 2019
End date
06 Oct 2019

By harnessing the power of Blockchain technology, ELAD Network has developed a platform where anyone, anywhere in the world can invest as little as £50 into a property be it in London, Miami or Dubai. It is now possible to apply digital currency to pretty much anything through Blockchain technology and the mere fact that real estate is the world’s largest asset class lends to reason that inevitably, fractionalising this asset is by far the most lucrative investment anyone can make no matter how small the initial investment may be.


Project details

Started 06 August 2019
over 3 years ago
Development statusBeta version
Org. StructureCentralized
Active fromAugust 2019
Sold on presale150000 ELAD
Role of tokenPayment
Token typeSecurity
Hardware walletNo
Registered companyUnited Kingdom


Total tokens100000000
Available for Token Sale70000000
ICO Token Price0.11 USD
Hard cap15000000


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We're still working hard over at ELAD Network and rocking our brand with pride! New website on the way, stay tuned! . . . ELAD Network Your token to real estate! https://t.co/B30qDUMLKQ

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ELAD Tech can implement the necessary technical infrastructure and corporate governance to overcome Coronavirus, and pave a way for a better future with a cloud and blockchain based solution. Get in touch with us via Linkedin or at info @elad .network now! #coronavirus #covid19 https://t.co/VUiUFjrTuf



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