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22 Mar 2021
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31 Mar 2021

Deeper Network represents the decentralized blockchain network for building a truly private, secure and fair Internet.

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💾 Firmware upgrade version 1.1.5.rel implemented a fix to the organic credit score accumulation when daily shared traffic is more than 10 MB for each 2 consecutive days.

What is Web 3.0? Web 3.0 represents the value of peer-to-peer environments, forming a decentralized web where real internet users have control of their data and privacy. 🔑 Deeper Connects are decentralized gateways to Web 3.0 - no single entity can dominate over the network. https://t.co/SMwY9HdEHj

📣 Announcement: Vested $DPR tokens were transferred to a new smart contract and can be seen here: https://t.co/YgXzM0ed5G A new reward program for vested $DPR holders is launched! HODL your unclaimed tokens for 6-months to gain 5% more $DPR. (cont.)

What is the #DeeperChain? 🌐 Deeper Chain is our native public blockchain built on #Substrate, compatible with Polkadot, using our Proof of Credit (PoCr) consensus algorithm. Deeper Connects placed on the chain as a node will receive $DPR mining rewards from bandwidth sharing. https://t.co/XhRbq7uqHT

💾 AtomOS firmware version 1.1.4.rel has been released. Fixes include: - Improved BitTorrent detection - Improved UI - Added timestamp to log - Fixed DHCP & Onearm issues If you don't want to wait for the auto push, you can manually update yourself on the AtomOS dashboard. 👍

📣 Do you have a Deeper Connect Mini or Nano or an earlier model that you want to start mining with? Then register your device first. Please follow the steps in this tutorial to register your device. A basic mining staking tutorial will be published soon: https://t.co/6EwiPR4f6f

What is a #blockchain bridge? 🌉 Our blockchain bridge from Polkadot to ETH will allow users to convert Deeper Chain $DPR ↔️ ERC20 $DPR. The bridge is now under testing and will launch soon! ⚠️Please do NOT make transfers without the bridge or you will lose your $DPR! https://t.co/WjHp67CSny

📣 Referral rewards are now available for claim. Simply connect your ERC20 DPR wallet to the claim platform, pay gas fee then claim your bonus. 50% of bonus is claimable now with the remaining 50% linearly vested over 3 months. https://t.co/6Qs8gCe62jhttps://t.co/yFsvG2GgL1

📣Clarification: There are two different links in order to set up your devices. 👉If you have a Deeper Connect Mini or Nano, use basic mining: https://t.co/P6UXf5oj33 👉If you have a gold or silver genesis node miner, use: https://t.co/9GZSHNLMfF

Deeper Connect (basic mining versions) SOLD OUT on official channels! If you find third parties selling our device, You may contact us to verify if they are our resellers. ⚠️Sellers on eBay are NOT authorized and we cannot verify the legitimacy of those devices. https://t.co/BoTdx8yCmn

💡Wondering how to apply and stake to mine using your Deeper Connect Mini or Nano? Here's a step-by-step tutorial showing you exactly how: via @YouTube

What are $DPR mining rewards?💰 Deeper Connect users can earn $DPR by sharing their unused bandwidth. By sharing bandwidth to the network, users can mine $DPR through our consensus algorithm, Proof of Credit (PoCr). Higher credit = Higher rewards⭐️ https://t.co/NpK0LccnWa

⚠️Important reminder for basic miner applicants and stakers: PLEASE remember to save your private keys and write down your mnemonic phrase otherwise nobody will be able to help you if you lose it! 🚨 https://t.co/N3AuQoltz7

📣Announcement: Basic mining application & staking is now live for minis and nanos! Please go to: https://t.co/LYCkpPjoQr and register your device and stake if you would like to stake and start mining sooner! Basic mining rules here: https://t.co/TAVwxXUd6D

📝Clarification: Deeper Connect Mini and Nano who have updated to the latest firmware 1.1.1rel won't be able to see the DPR tab until their device is put onto the Deeper Chain. The application and staking platform for basic mining will launch next week: https://t.co/TAVwxXUd6D

📣It's great to see questions from every angle in our active community. We have a great resource which will help everyone familiarize with Deeper Network and our 6 generations of devices. Check out and bookmark our Knowledge Base 🧠 here: https://t.co/FCO2ioWifi

Clarification: 1.1.1.rel can be updated on all Deeper Connects, however, Minis and Nanos are not currently on the Deeper Chain. Basic mining application and staking starts next week. Please stay posted for further announcements on that. Thank you. https://t.co/TAVwxXUd6D

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