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Cash Tech

Start date
22 Mar 2021
End date
23 Mar 2021

Cash Tech is DeFi as it is meant to be. Digital currency conversion, payments, staking, and lending.


Project details

Conditions Whitelist
Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens155000000
ICO Token Price1 CATE = 0.10 USD


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Today we break down the rise of the Luna Foundation Guard to the top of the #BTC ownership ranking. We also review the $UST stablecoin and the key takeaways for #crypto investors observing these developments. But first, a $CATE development update. #wallet https://t.co/jiiptE6zWz

Today's release introduces you to multi-signature #wallets and breaks down the Ronin Network hack. We identify the root cause of the exploit and how $CATE is helping #crypto investors secure their assets. Firstly, we have some exciting development updates. https://t.co/J4VrmtimV4

This week, https://t.co/AKivq9Smyg successfully completed a major sprint toward the development of the Merchant Protocol. The team has finalized the requirements for the merchant registration process. We'll steadily increase $CATE's utility within the app. https://t.co/bHktoCaB5T

The https://t.co/AKivq9Smyg team is happy to report on further significant progress in the development of the upcoming Merchant Protocol. We designed the protocol’s initial technical features, which include an authentication method for new merchants. $CATE https://t.co/lv3VqAkNfs

https://t.co/AKivq9Smyg is live in the Google Play Store! We also made significant progress on the Merchant Protocol, the system design for backend features has been completed. We'll add a micro loan option to $CATE, early research has been concluded. #BTC https://t.co/YtpEJYq5AH


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