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Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token

Start date
08 Jan 2021
End date
06 Feb 2021

A significant impediment to participation in Bitcoin mining is the limited number of exit options. Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token solves this problem by bringing exchange-grade liquidity to Bitcoin mining.

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Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeBEP-20
Hardware walletNo



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We have heard of other hashrate tokens that have stopped giving out mining rewards and ended their projects. Rest assured, this will never happen to #BTCST and the Standard Hashrate Group. As long as there is #BTC in this world, we will continue to give rewards to our stakers!

While the entire #Bitcoin hashrate has dropped significantly during the past few weeks, Standard Hashrate Group has maintained a stable hashrate of 150 Petahashes. This means that the total amount of #BTC we reward #BTCST stakers daily has increased by over 34% to an ATH!

The #BTCST Community has passed STP 14: τAsset Liquidity Provider One-Time Compensation Program! Liquidity providers on partnered swaps like @PancakeSwap who were impacted by Restorative Rebase will receive a one-time compensation equivalent to the Tau Asset and amount affected.

🗳️ STP 14: τAsset Liquidity Provider One-Time Compensation Program is now live for voting! This STP proposes to make whole those who provided liquidity on @PancakeSwap for any τAsset but suffered losses as a result of active Restorative Rebase. Info: 👇 https://t.co/VtXjfcqrJW

Details for STP 13 (Proposal Blue Sky): An Evolution of Bitcoin with Far Less Carbon Emission 🌲 are now up! Check out the Medium link below and get ready to vote 🗳️ in a few hours! The transition to a sustainable future is as important as ever. 🌎 https://t.co/hq7Tph41O9

📌 Ever wondered what #BTCST's Tau Sage does and why we joined the @BinanceChain MVB II Program to prevent duplicate NFTs in the marketplace? 📽️ This video below highlights our key mission and objectives:

Our devs are working on fixing the #BTCST Snapshot voting page at https://t.co/UU9VLmDomB We will announce when the voting page is back up and operational!

To date, we have burned 🔥 over 1,680,000 τDoge and 21.21 τBTC! When the TWAP price of either Tau Asset climbs above 1.1 to the underlying asset, these rewards will be mineable on the #BTCST dApp at https://t.co/a7GFyKTLUN! 💰

Those who have continued to stake their #BTCST for #BTC will win out in the long term. Passive #DeFi income in #Bitcoin is a huge advantage over time. NFA. https://t.co/bRXzYFWPOp

STP 12 - The Third Standard Hashrate Token has a new voting link! 🗳️ We updated the voting link on Snapshot, so now you should be able to cast your vote for either $BCH or $LTC! Link: https://t.co/NTWd3ZjWwx #BTCST

STP 12: The Third Standard Hashrate Token proposal is out! Holders and stakers of #BTCST may begin to vote 🗳️ starting tonight at 8:00pm SGT! The choice is between $BCH or $LTC. More info in the link below: 👇 https://t.co/BZ2Ky8MiRE #BCH #LTC

🎙️ τBitcoin Initial Liquidity and Airdrop Event will end in approximately 1 hour at #BSC block height 7,832,045! We have had an amazing launch with over $550M USD 💵staked at one point for #τBTC and a successful launch on @PancakeSwap ! Thank you #BTCST community for the support!

📢 STP 10: Responsive Restorative Rebase will go into effect at 8:00pm SGT (UTC+8) today. Kindly note that all outgoing transfers of the relevant τAsset must pay a Restorative Contribution as soon as the TWAP of the τAsset drops below 1.0. Details:👇 https://t.co/p6QPubNmdp

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