End goal
45 000 000
Start date
20 Apr 2019
End date
28 Jun 2019

Bither presents an entirely new platform based on a synthesis of several methods. By introducing Merged-Mining capability and also optimizing computing power consumption, Bither sets its goal to draw more computing power toward its network through an efficient mining algorithm.
Bither works with “Proof of Work” (PoW), as its consensus algorithm, though with a different architecture and distinct functions compared to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other similar networks. Bither’s innovation is in its calculation of network hash rate and automatic separation of computing power by using trusted masternodes. Through a hybrid method, these masternodes are defined and implemented in high numbers. Moreover, each masternode’s information is compared to other masternodes and there is an automatic and precise supervision over the accuracy of the computations and their orders.
In this method, masternodes are equipped with a new processor core (software).

To conclude, the Bither platform - while providing all features of current PoW based blockchains such as security, “tokenization” and smart contracts, aims to push blockchain technology one step further in order to have a place in a green and eco-friendly future and to be a great help for scientific projects in order to afford the process of big data. Besides these, Bither has also brought many innovations to make its platform more efficient and user-friendly.


Project details

Started 23 March 2019
over 3 years ago
Development statusPrototype / MVP
Org. StructureCentralized
Active fromMarch 2019
Sold on presaleWe have a presale and it will end on 2019-04-05
Hardware walletNo
Team fromInternational team
Registered companyGeorgia


Total tokens47000000
Available for Token Sale30000000
ICO Token Price1,4 USD


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🔳 By using Bither's architecture, more than 80% of the entire computing power is used for valuable and targeted computations, without compromising the security of the network. #BitherPlatform #Blockchain #Technology https://t.co/ZFoFPaIPIq


☑️Rewards related to our question campaign are sent to participants. #BitherPlatform #Cryptocurrency #Payment https://t.co/MEm7By7H6v


🔘 Using #cryptography and Proof of Work, #P2P electronic cash systems do not rely on central nodes or third-parties to issue a transaction. ✅ Follow us to read more. #BitherPlatform #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency https://t.co/mr8x9qWbNp


#BitherNews 🔘 The last chance for requesting withdraw rewards related to our questions program was 2019/30/11 but users can submit your request until 2019/03/12 and after that you will get your BTR tokens. ⏳ #BitherPlatform #Blockchain #Crypto

🔘 Source of income for the #miners The Carbon footprint per transaction is too high in a #PoW based secure network, Bither architecture makes the most out of the consumed power by using the computing power in scientific and research projects. #BitherPlatform #Mining https://t.co/J19Rc3b4AQ


⚠️Warning⚠️ 👇👇👇👇 The BTR tokens HAVE NOT BEEN LISTED on any exchanges, adding BTR tokens to any #exchange or any other market place is strictly prohibited, and the offender(s) will face the legal consequences. #BitherPlatform #Crypto #Blockchain https://t.co/jIehp7puj7


At the beginning of a new #PoW based project, it is hard to provide the required computing power to keep the #network secure. #BitherPlatform allows projects to use its extra hashing power to run their projects until they attract their own computing power. #Blockchain #Crypto https://t.co/FdYRL1a27i


📝 Revolutionary Solutions for Medical Field Using Blockchain 🔗 https://t.co/UHYlyITOaT ✅ Follow us to read more. #BitherPlatform #Blockchain #BlockchainMedical #Crypto

BitherPlatform is different from projects that only provide computing power, it's a Three-Layer #PoW based #network that produces two coins and one token, supports sidechains and allows you to lease your extra computing power to projects that you find valuable. #BitherPlatform https://t.co/79oFTNFzUp


The ability to allocate the surplus hashing power to the rental processor in order to cover regular #mining #costs . Overcoming the losses in mining when the #market is in the midst of a downturn. #BitherPlatform #Blockchain #BlockchainTech #Crypto https://t.co/K8NOo0TSAF


Computational science isn't time-consuming anymore, everyone can participate in their favorite projects by sharing their extra computation power whenever they don't need it, and in return, they will get paid in #cryptocurrencies . #BitherPlatform #Blockchain #Crypto https://t.co/NfCUCuEjMO


The fundamental changes in the implementation of #tokens and the ability to define tokens at the third level to improve the implementation of combined projects and Their classification For #startup developers #BitherPlatform #Crypto #Blockchain https://t.co/fQKIumdTr5


#BitherNews We announce that based on the results of #IEO on LATOKEN #exchange and not being able to reach our soft cap, our team is discussing new plans for replacement. We will inform our users once we reach a decision. ✅ Follow us to read more. #BitherPlatform #NewPlans https://t.co/3IwPmksjdN



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