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BotOcean is bringing forth a trading revolution for retail investors by offering them the necessary tools to go toe-to-toe against hedge funds and institutional investors. By combining social trading with a drag&drop interface to create algorithms, BotOcean is creating a new generation of traders that is vastly more advanced and opens up entirely new ways of trading. Finance is meant to be for everyone, not just the select few, and BotOcean is here to make that dream into a reality.

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The 1st Vault in our Dapp is the Orka Vault. It is managed by Orka Labs and you can already deposit funds and watch your profits grow! $BOTS https://t.co/aAAICN0vnE

Tomorrow is the big day! Check out our Dapp and get ready to create your own trading vaults on Botocean! $BOTS https://t.co/9IhmVjWIsL

⚡️ AMA snippets ⚡️ "What are your plans for 2021?" Until the end of the year, we aim to have both the app and dApp running at full speed with all the unique features developed, tested, and deployed. We will also expand the list of supported exchanges. #crypto #CEX #DEX

⚡️ AMA snippets ⚡️ "What is special in the ecosystem of Botocean that could revolutionize #DeFi trading?" We provide non-custodial #trading for users without coding or trading experience. Currently, no solution on the market has a bot running #DEX #algorithmic trading.


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